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Greenhouse Hose Reel

Garden Hoses can be untidy in your garden, sprawling across patios and crisscrossing over lawns, so using a Garden Hose Reel will make it easy for you to keep the garden hose neatly stored until it's needed next. Garden Hose Reels are a simple, safe and effective way of storing, delivering and retrieving your garden watering hose. Not only providing neat storage for your hose, a Garden Hose Reel also helps to protect the hose from excessive wear and tear, so extending the life of your hose. Remember when selecting a Garden Hose Reel for an existing garden hose, make sure that the reel is large enough to hold all the hosepipe - the holding capacity of the Garden Hose Reels will be shown in their details.

Gardena Professional Spiral Hose Set
This 33ft (10m) long high quality Professional Spiral Hose is manufactured by Gardena to retract back to its' original size and shape so no hose reel is required - even after being used to its full extension it will automatically recoil for easy storage.

Claber Rotoroll Automatic 20m
The Rotoroll Automatic Hose Reel from Claber is the latest in automatic hose reel design. Attractively modern in design, the Rotoroll offers innovative practical advantages and noiseless operation. A special free-running hose and internal winding mechanism, engineered in acetal resin, gives faultless recoil every time. The Rotoroll is fitted with 20 metres of reinforced hose that has been developed to be kink-free and has an antifriction surface, so it will rewind without jamming or breaking.

Claber Pronto Kit 30m Wheeled Hose Reel
This Kit Pronto 30 from Claber provides you with everything you need to take water from your tap to your plants. They have created a hose reel design that has a low centre of gravity, making it a very stable cart, combining this with a lightweight, anodized aluminium frame, it's easy to move around your garden.

Claber Metal 40 Wall and Floor Mounted Hose Reel
This Metal 40 Hose Reel from Claber is multipurpose - it can be attached to a wall (fixings included), or lifted off the wall and carried around your garden. An entirely metal construction, this hose reel is a professional grade, top quality reel which will provide you with years of use. It’s both easy and efficient to use and store.

Claber Jumbo Hose Cart
The Jumbo Cart is a completely new type of metal hose cart from Claber. With four wheels the cart is easy to move around and increases its stability on any surface. Its stability is also helped by the position of the drum, which is perpendicular to the wheels. This Jumbo cart can also hold a huge amount of garden hose, making it especially suited to larger gardens or professional gardeners.

Claber Metal 60 Hose Reel
SPECIAL OFFER - discounted price, SAVING £24.34.
This professional metal Hose Reel from Claber has a strong, tubular steel frame and a robust sheet steel drum, both with a weatherproof epoxy resin coating, so providing a reel which is sturdy, reliable and long-lasting.
Large 7" diameter wheels make it easy to move around your garden, on any type of ground surface.

This SPECIAL OFFER Discounted price Saves You £24.34 against the normal manufacturers RRP of £84.29.

Claber Metal Professional Hose Reel
Clabers Metal Profy Hose Reel has been designed to provide you with a professional quality reel, with an all metal construction for long life and the capacity to hold up to 165 metres of 13mm hosepipe.

Hozelock Compact Hose Reel with 15m Hose
This Lightweight, compact Hozelock Hose Reel is free standing and comes with a comfortable hand grip for carrying around. This handy reel comes complete with 15m of Hozelock's Maxi Plus 12.5mm Hose, two hose connectors, one waterstop connector, 1/2" and 3/4" tap connector and an adjustable spray nozzle, all included.

Hozelock - 2496 Wall Mounted Fast Reel with 40m Hose
This Hozelock Fast Reel is designed for the larger garden coming complete with 40m of 12.5mm Maxi Pro Hose and all fittings to enable immediate use. This professional wall mounted hose reel includes auto self layering technology, making hose re wind effortless and tangle free all you have to do is turn the handle, you do not have to worry about guiding the hose by hand, it's done automatically for you.

Hozelock - 2595 Wall Mounted Auto Reel with 40m Hose
This Hozelock Auto Reel comes with 40m of Maxi Pro premium anti kink hose and all required fittings and fixings - just un pack, install and use !
The Auto Reel is designed to be wall mounted and is fixed to your wall via a strong pivot bracket, this bracket allows the hose reel to swing through 180* allowing you to reach every corner of your garden. The Auto reel has an automatic slow rewind for tangle free operation and also comes with a child lock to prevent misuse, as well as a padlock to stop theft.

Gardena Wall Fixed Hose Reel
This Classic Wall Fixed Hose Reel from Gardena is ideal if you want to tidy your existing hosepipe onto a reel for easy storage or transport. This reel will hold up to 60 metres ½"(12-17mm) hose, 50 metres 5/8" (14-19mm) hose or 35 metres ¾" (19-25mm) hosepipe. It comes with a sturdy, long lasting metal holder which secures the reel to a house wall. It also comes with Gardena tap connectors so all you need is a hose and you?re ready to water.
Gardena Wall Mounted Hose Box
Gardena has designed their new Roll Up Automatic Hose Reels to make watering easy and convenient. The hose reel does all the work - it releases the hose in small lengths, it draws the hose back into the reel after use, an integrated hose guide prevents twisting or tangling of the hose and the mounting bracket allows the reel to swivel by 180* so the hose should not kink in use. These reels are supplied with everything you'll need to connect to your outside tap and start watering - 15m, 25m or 35m length of hose (depending on model), a 2m length of hose to connect reel to tap, an infinitely adjustable spray nozzle, tap connector, hose connector and a water stop connector.
Gardena Classic 20m Hose & Reel Set
For compact storage this Hose And Reel Set from Gardena has been designed to be easily fixed to a wall using the fixings supplied. Once in position if you wanted to use it elsewhere it simply unclips and its ergonomic handle makes it easy and comfortable to move to a new location.
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