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Claber Watering Kits

Clabers Drip Irrigation Kits will save you time, water and money. The time you've saved on watering can now be spent on giving more attention to your plants or simply enjoying your garden. Water is saved as it is delivered direct to where it's needed most - the roots of the plants. Clabers Starter Kit includes adjustable nozzles that can be set to drip between 0 to 1.59 gallons per hour, so can be set to deliver different amounts of water depending on the plants they are watering. You'll save money as if you have a water meter, then water delivered via a drip nozzle means no water is wasted and there is no over watering - so keeping water costs down.

Claber Oasis Self Watering Kit
Requiring neither mains water nor electricity this Oasis Self-Watering Kit is an easy to operate self-watering system designed to water up to 20 pots for a maximum of 40 days.

Claber Drip Watering Kit with Practico Timer
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available.
This Claber Drip Kit has everything you need - including the Timer.
The kit is capable of delivering water from an outside tap to up to twenty pots or baskets.
Using a timer means you can automate your watering so whether you're at home, at work or on holiday your plants will continue to be watered.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - Buy this set and you will SAVE £8.83 on purchasing the items separately.

Claber Drip Starter Kit
Claber have designed this Drip Starter Kit to be quick and easy to install. Starting from your outside tap, the kit is ideal for watering potted plants, hanging baskets and planter boxes as well as being suitable for watering small areas and patios. It includes everything you need to take water from your outside tap to your plants.

Claber Professional Impact Tripod Sprinkler
This Claber Tripod Sprinkler combines a pulsating sprinkler head with an adjustable tripod to provide you with maximum versatility when watering. Designed to water over a large area up to a maximum of 27 metres in diameter (dependant on water pressure). The Tripod, on which the sprinkler is mounted, provides a secure base on any type of surface and can be height adjusted to suit what you need to water.

Claber Half inch Tube Clamps for Colibri System
Part of Claber's Colibri irrigation system, these Tube Clamps ensure a watertight connection between hose and fittings. Claber recommend always using these clamps if water pressure is above 1.5 bar.

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