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Water Butt Drip Kits

Drip Watering is one of the most efficient and effective ways of watering your plants. By slowly dripping water close to your plants, water is being delivered to where it is needed most - to the roots of your plants. As drip systems are designed to give a slow, constant supply of water this allows the ground to soak up the water efficiently, so water isn't wasted by overwatering or through evaporation. Our Water Butt Drip Kitis one of the simplest drip systems to install as the pipe is supplied with drippers already fitted - all you need to do is lay it directly on the ground or below mulch. This Drip System is available as complete kits or as single components.

Tank Connector with barbed 6mm Tube Outlet
This Tank Connector makes it possible for you to turn any watertight container into a reservoir for water.

Water Butt Drip Kit Reducing Connector 13mm to 7mm
When installing an automatic water system from a water butt use ½" hose from the butt until you reach the area to water, then insert this ½" (13mm) to 7mm Reducer and connect the 7mm piping.

Water Butt Drip Kit 7mm Straight Connector
When joining two lengths of 7mm pipe insert the robust, barbed plastic 7mm Straight Connector.

Water Butt Drip Kit 7mm Tee Connector
When designing an automatic plant watering system operating from a water butt use a 7mm T Connector to 'branch' the 7mm drip tube.

In Line 13mm Filter
Designed for use with the Water Butt Drip System, this ½" In Line Filter can be connected into any ½" pipe where you want to filter debris from water (for example filtering rain water from a water butt).

Compact Rainsava 100lt Water Butt Set
Complete Set - Everything you need to collect rainwater.
This Compact Rainsave Water Butt is the ideal water butt for gardens with limited space. Its slim design lets you place it almost anywhere in your garden to collect and store water exactly where you need it.
This Compact Water Butt Set comes complete with everything you need to successfully collect valuable rainwater, a Water Diverter to direct water from your downpipe, a Water Butt Stand to raise your water butt off the ground making it easy to fill a watering can or run a drip watering system from. Also included is smooth lever action tap which allows you to fit a hosepie in order to deliver water away from the water butt.
Tank Drip Watering Kits
These huge capacity Tank Drip Watering Kits will keep your thirsty plants well watered whilst your at work or on holiday. They give a steady dripped delivery of water which is just what your plants want to help them thrive and produce top quality crops.
Really straight forward to set up and with any layout able to be catered for (with all components available to purchase as additions to extend the kits to your exact design), these drip watering kits are very efficient allowing your plants to be automatically watered for days.
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