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Greenhouse Insulation

Insulating your greenhouse using products such as bubble insulation and polycarbonate sheets will help to protect any plants you are overwintering, reducing the risk of frost damage and allowing the greenhouse to heat up more effectively in Springtime.
Greenhouse heaters are also more effective when the greenhouse has insulation in place as they can heat the trapped air much more effectively than if there was a constant change of air temperature, this is also much more economical as your greenhouse heater won't have to work as hard to maintain a temperature.
Bubble insulation is similar to having double glazing on a roll, the air trapped in the bubbles warms up and loses heat very slowly, creating a barrier of warm air between the hot air inside the greenhouse and cold air outside.
When there is more heat created in a greenhouse there is usually condensation as a result, so when fitting your insulation ensure that you are still able to open the doors, windows and vents to allow a fresh air flow when required.
The best time to insulate your greenhouse is when it is at its emptiest, so late autumn is ideal. Make replacing your insulation part of your end of season routine so the insulation is being added to clean glass. This will also allow you to inspect the exterior of the greenhouse and ensure there are no cracks or broken panes which can affect the functionality of the insulation.

It can be tempting to use parcel tape or standard bubble wrap as an insulating layer instead of horticultural bubble wrap, but this should be avoided. Parcel or standard bubble wrap is not UV protected and will break down in the sunlight, very rapidly, creating more cost in the long run.

Greenhouse Insulation Packs
SPECIAL OFFER Discounted Prices
Our Greenhouse Insulation Packs provide you with all you need to insulate an aluminium greenhouse, so it's ready to use in the colder months ahead. Simply select the Pack to suit your size of greenhouse and we will send you sufficient Heatsheets to completely line your greenhouse, together with all the fixings necessary to hold it securely in place.
****These special offer prices represent a Huge saving against normal RRP, a saving of up to £32.80 on a given pack.****
Save up to 50% of heating costs in your greenhouse by installing greenhouse insulation, otherwise known as 'Heatsheets'.
This UV stabilised bubble material will insulate your greenhouse helping to keep an unheated greenhouse frost free and will also greatly reduce fuel consumption when heating a greenhouse.

Polycarbonate Sheet
We use polycarbonate to glaze a lot of our own products, polycarbonate is good for glazing cold frames, cloches, greenhouses etc and indeed for many other DIY applications.

Polypropylene Sheet
Large sheets of high quality, shatterproof polypropylene for easy glazing or re-glazing of cold frames, cloches, mini greenhouses, greenhouses etc as a replacement for glass.
This slightly opaque Polypropylene sheet is also ideal for many other DIY projects, it is easy to cut and shape and is virtually unbreakable.

Clear Polythene per metre
A high quality 500 gauge UV stabilised Clear Polythene suitable for covering cold frames and cloches etc.

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