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Greenhouse Insulation

Good quality insulation in your greenhouse can really make a difference, not only to your heating bills but to the survival of your plants.
Having a high quality insulation can save you up to 50% off your heating costs, and is really simple and easy to achieve. At Two Wests we have a great selection of bubble insulation to choose from, as well as all the fittings you will need to install it.
Bubble insulation works by using sheets that are similar to bubble wrap and attaching it to the inside of your greenhouse, trapping a layer of warmer air inside the bubbles to limit the effects of temperatures outside the greenhouse. This is a very popular method of greenhouse insulaton, and for good reason. With the massive cost saving in your heating bills and providng your plants with a constantly warm environment, there's no wonder bubble insulation has become so popular.

Greenhouse insulation works best when used in conjunction with a greenhouse heater. Heating your greenhouse in winter is much easier if you use a greenhouse heater with a thermostat so you can regulate the temperature easily. Use of a thermostat will also allow you to maintain a stable, constant temperature of your choice instead of having to constantly monitor the temperature and adjust the heat.

See our brilliant range of greenhouse heating systems that include portable heaters, room heaters and electric heaters. We are sure we will have the perfect product for you to heat your greenhouse effectively this winter.

Bubble Insulation
Bubble insulation is a great way of keeping the cold out or the heat in - in any greenhouse.
When you install bubble insulation you create a layer of warmer air between the inside of the greenhouse and the cold air outside, this means that the transfer of warm air across this barrier is reduced and the heat created by your greenhouse heater will be more effective, whilst the effects of cold air outside are reduced.
This will also ensure that your greenhouse heating systems are used as efficiently as possible as they will not have to work as hard to maintain a regular temperature if heat loss is kept to a minimum due to the insulation.
We sell our bubble insulation in precut amounts or you can buy it per metre so you can tailor the amount you buy to the size of the greenhouse that needs insulating. For wooden greenhouses we recommend using drawing pins to secure the insulation, if you have an aluminium greenhouse then you should be able to use retaining clips such as Alliplugs which will twist and lock into the bolt channels of the frame.
When lining your greenhouse with bubble insulation you will need to fasten the insulation around windows and doors so you are still able to open them when necessary, you can use all weather tape or double sided tape to hold the insulation in place which will still allow you to use the access points and vents.

To make installing bubble insulation easier and as effective as possible we recommend the following maintenance tasks before fitting the insulation:

  • Check for pieces of broken glass - replace broken panes or seal cracks using tape as any breaks or holes will make the insulation less effective.
  • Check and renew seals/draught excluder on greenhouse doors and windows - this will ensure that the insulation is able to work in a sealed unit instead of trying to keep in heat within a leaky in the structure.
  • Greenhouse Insulation
    Insulating your greenhouse using products such as bubble insulation and polycarbonate sheets will help to protect any plants you are overwintering, reducing the risk of frost damage and allowing the greenhouse to heat up more effectively in Springtime.
    Greenhouse heaters are also more effective when the greenhouse has insulation in place as they can heat the trapped air much more effectively than if there was a constant change of air temperature, this is also much more economical as your greenhouse heater won't have to work as hard to maintain a temperature.
    Bubble insulation is similar to having double glazing on a roll, the air trapped in the bubbles warms up and loses heat very slowly, creating a barrier of warm air between the hot air inside the greenhouse and cold air outside.
    When there is more heat created in a greenhouse there is usually condensation as a result, so when fitting your insulation ensure that you are still able to open the doors, windows and vents to allow a fresh air flow when required.
    The best time to insulate your greenhouse is when it is at its emptiest, so late autumn is ideal. Make replacing your insulation part of your end of season routine so the insulation is being added to clean glass. This will also allow you to inspect the exterior of the greenhouse and ensure there are no cracks or broken panes which can affect the functionality of the insulation.

    It can be tempting to use parcel tape or standard bubble wrap as an insulating layer instead of horticultural bubble wrap, but this should be avoided. Parcel or standard bubble wrap is not UV protected and will break down in the sunlight, very rapidly, creating more cost in the long run.
    Insulation Fixing Aids

    Greenhouse insulation is easy to fit in most aluminium and wooden greenhouses, as well as polythene tunnels as long as you are using the correct greenhouse fixing aids for your style of greenhouse.

    In aluminum greenhouses you can usually use retaining clips to attach your insulation, we recommend our Alliplugs which fit into the bolt channels and glazing channels of the greenhouse to make installing the insulation quick and easy. Retaining clips can be used time and time again without compromising their strength, making them a great investment for your insulation project.
    NB.To make your insulation secure you will need around 10 clips per 12ft of insulation, remember to cut and fasten the insulation around windows, vents and louvres so that they can still be opened to allow a fresh air flow when necessary. You can use our all weather tape to securely hold the insulation in place.

    For wooden greenhouses you can install your insulation with standard drawing or notice board pins.

    For Polythene Tunnels the best way to hold insulation such as bubble insulation in place is to use all weather tape or double sided tape to hold it to the inside of the frame. Polytunnels can cover a large area which may make it difficult to install an effective insulation solution, it's a good idea to bring any plants that will need insulating and heating into a smaller space where it is easier to regulate the temperature. You can even use bubble insulation to create separating walls within the poly tunnel to create smaller spaces which have better insulation.

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