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Greenhouse Insulation

Good quality insulation in your greenhouse can really make a difference, not only to your heating bills but to the survival of your plants.
Having a high quality insulation can save you up to 50% off your heating costs, and is really simple and easy to achieve. At Two Wests we have a great selection of bubble insulation to choose from, as well as all the fittings you will need to install it.
Bubble insulation works by using sheets that are similar to bubble wrap and attaching it to the inside of your greenhouse, trapping a layer of warmer air inside the bubbles to limit the effects of temperatures outside the greenhouse. This is a very popular method of greenhouse insulaton, and for good reason. With the massive cost saving in your heating bills and providng your plants with a constantly warm environment, there's no wonder bubble insulation has become so popular.

Greenhouse insulation works best when used in conjunction with a greenhouse heater. Heating your greenhouse in winter is much easier if you use a greenhouse heater with a thermostat so you can regulate the temperature easily. Use of a thermostat will also allow you to maintain a stable, constant temperature of your choice instead of having to constantly monitor the temperature and adjust the heat.

See our brilliant range of greenhouse heating systems that include portable heaters, room heaters and electric heaters. We are sure we will have the perfect product for you to heat your greenhouse effectively this winter.

Bubble Insulation
Bubble insulation works effectively in your greenhouse as by fitting insulation to the inside of the greenhouse you are trapping a layer of air between the glazing and inside of the greenhouse. In this way you are creating a 'barrier' or 'pocket' of warmer air so your greenhouse is affected less by the changes in the temperature outside. By lining your greenhouse with bubble insulation you will not only be helping your plants to maintain healthy throughout the winter months, your greenhouse will have fewer draughts so less heat will be wasted - making it more cost effective when using a heater within your greenhouse. Our bubble insulation is UV stabilised for longer life - this means it isn't damaged by sunlight, so can you used for several seasons.

To make it easy for you to buy the correct amount of bubble insulation to line your greenhouse we sell the insulation in precut lengths - simply purchase the length based on the size of greenhouse. Or, if your greenhouse isn't a standard size, then we also sell the bubble insulation per metre so you can buy as little or as much as you require. You will need to fix the bubble insulation to the inside of your greenhouse. For wooden greenhouses we suggest Woodpins are used to anchor the insulation in place. If you have an aluminium greenhouse, then it should be possible for you to use retaining clips - such as the Alliplugs - which fit easily into the bolt channels within the greenhouse frame. When lining your greenhouse with bubble insulation you will need to cut and fasten the insulation around windows, vents and louvers so that they can still be opened - use our All Weather Tape to hold the insulation in place.

To make insulating your greenhouse really effective we recommend carrying out the following simple maintenance tasks before fitting the bubble insulation:

Check for any pieces of broken glass - ideally replace broken panes or seal the cracks using our All Weather Tape.

Check and renew any seals/ draught excluder on greenhouse doors.

In addition follow these simple tips to make insulating your greenhouse cost effective:

Use Garden Fleece as an additional insulating material within your greenhouse. Use it to cover plants when it's really cold - or simply to provide extra protection over night.

Aim to achieve a sensible temperature within your greenhouse - is you are using a heater set it to the lowest practical temperature based on the types of plants you're growing. In this way heat isn't being wasted in overheating your greenhouse.

In large greenhouses consider splitting the greenhouse into smaller sections - put all your plants together in the one area and screen this off from the rest of the greenhouse using bubble insulation to divide the areas.

Greenhouse Insulation
Insulate your greenhouse or polytunnel to protect any plants you are overwintering, reducing the risk of frost damage and to help the greenhouse to heat up more rapidly in the spring. Fitting greenhouse insulation will also make it cost effective if you are using a heater in your greenhouse - the insulation retains the heat within the greenhouse for longer. Greenhouse bubble insulation is abit like having double glazing on a roll. The air in the bubbles of the insulation warms up but only loses heat very slowly, so the warmth in the greenhouse is held in by this extra layer of warm air bubbles. With more heat comes more condensation - so when fitting greenhouse insulation make sure you can still open louvre windows or roof vents to allow a flow of fresh air when required.

The best time to insulate your greenhouse is when it is at its emptiest - so late autumn is ideal. Make it part of your general autumn clean up, lining the inside of the greenhouse once newly washed glass panes have dried.

Don't be tempted to use parcel wrap rather than horticultural bubble greenhouse insulation. The horticultural insulation will be UV protected so that it doesn't break down in sunlight, is stronger and last for longer.

Insulation Fixing Aids
Greenhouse insulation is easy to fit in greenhouses - aluminium or wooden greenhouses - and polythene tunnels as long as you have the correct greenhouse fixing aids to suit the greenhouse.

For Aluminium Greenhouses

Insulation is easy to secure to the frame of the greenhouse by using retaining clips - such as our Alliplugs which fit into the bolt channels / glazing channels of aluminium greenhouses. This makes fixing insulation quick and easy - and the retaining clips can be used again and again without their strength being affected. To make a good, neat job you'll need approximately 10 clips per 12 ft of insulation material. Remember to cut and fasten the bubble insulation around windows, vents and louvers so they can still be opened - use our All Weather Tape to securely hold the insulation in place.

For Wooden Greenhouses

When fixing insulation within a wooden greenhouse we recommend you use our Woodpins as these have large heads making them easy to remove and reuse for holding shading material later in the year.

For Polythene Tunnels

The best way to hold bubble insulation within a poly tunnel is to use either All Weather Tape or Double Sided Tape to hold the bubble insulation. Polytunnels can be very large spaces to keep warm over winter, so you would be better if you could get all your plants into one area then section this area off using bubble insulation to form a separating wall.

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