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Greenhouse Heaters

Heating a greenhouse will not only keep your greenhouse at an appropriate temperature in the winter months, it will also provide more growing opportunities.
Being able to raise the temperature in your greenhouse means you will be able to grow more plants successfully. There are a great range of electric greenhouse heaters with thermostats that will allow you to adjust the temperature accordingly.
Heating a greenhouse in winter is extremely important for the survival of your plants, especially if you are growing fruit or vegetables that you use yourself. There are plenty of electric heaters and gas greenhouse heaters that are more than capable of heating a greenhouse to your required temperature.
Greenhouse heating systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes; from small portable heaters and cheap electric heaters to larger heaters that are designed for heating a larger greenhouse.
At Two Wests we have an excellent range of heaters that will make heating a greenhouse in winter simple and efficient. We have paraffin heaters and gas heaters as well as electric heaters and energy efficient heating systems, such as our room heaters that have a built in thermostat so you can regulate their temperature.
Don't forget to view our range on insulation as well as greenhouse heaters. Having good quality insulation such as bubble insulation will ensure that any heat generated by your greenhouse heaters will be retained well by your insulation. If you have are looking at electric greenhouse heaters with a thermostat this will also help save you money, as your heater will regulate the desired temperature.

Greenhouse Electric Fan Heaters
At Two Wests & Elliott we have a great selection of electric heaters that are perfect for keeping your greenhouse warm throughout the colder winter months.
Heating a greenhouse is essential for securing the survival of your plants when the temperature drops outside, these electric fan heaters are the perfect solution. The internal fans on the heaters provide good air movement that spreads the heat around the whole greenhouse, making sure the entire greenhouse is heated to an appropriate temperature. On all of our greenhouse heaters you can regulate the temperature using an in-built thermostat, allowing you to control the temperature as closely as possible.
This good circulation of heat is vital for staving off the damp and disease that can often be found in greenhouses in winter, protecting your plants from the elements as much as possible.
Our range of electric heaters for greenhouses includes heaters from leading manufacturers such as Bio Green and Hotbox, so we are sure that you will be able to find the perfect heater for heating your greenhouse in winter from us.
Room Electric Fan Heaters
Room heaters are a great way of heating your home or conservatory, especially if you spend a lot of time in one room in particular.
They make great home heaters for when you are working from home and want to warm up the room you're in, be it a conservatory, office or lounge. Our selection of room heaters all have built-in thermostats so you can regulate the temperature down to the nearest centigrade - perfect for heating your home to a nice cozy temperature.
Electric heaters are very efficient and will warm up quickly, so you don't need to worry about turning them on long before you need the heat. Electric room heaters also have internal fans that help to circulate the heat throughout the entire room quickly and efficiently, so no more sitting in front of the heater waiting for the room to warm up slowly.
Our room heater products are also portable, so you can carry them with you wherever you go or take them around the house with you if you need to move to a different room for a while. A perfect heating solution for your home!
Electric Tubular Heaters
Tubular heaters are perfect for greenhouse heating, they are designed to emit a gentle, radiant heat that will perform well in environments that contain delicate plants.
This type of greenhouse heating is perfect for greenhouses that are likely to have water from misting systems in them, as the heating elements are totaly enclosed and kept away from sprayed water.Their gentle nature of heating can be used to maintain low constant temperatures ideal for combatting condensation and protecting plants.
Tubular greenhouse heating systems are able to keep your greenhouse frost free as well as warm them up to ideal temperatures for the growing of plants over the winter. They are an extremely versatile piece of heating that will be suited to the vast majority of greenhouse types.
Tubular electric heaters are available in sizes from 2ft (61cm) right up to 8ft (244cm) so they will fit in most greenhouses. They are rated at 80 watts per foot (30cm), making them an extremely efficient mode of heating for a greenhouse.
Propane Gas Heaters
We have a great range of propane gas heaters that are ideal for heating a greenhouse in winter, as they are designed to moderately heat large amounts of air instead of intensely heat small amounts.
This makes them perfect greenhouse heaters, all the models come with built in thermostats which allow you to control the temperature in the greenhouse.
Our propane gas heaters work as convection heaters, meaning they work efficiently by collecting the coolest air, heating it to the desired temperature and then dispersing it again.
We have a variety of sizes of propane gas heaters and our range will work perfectly as greenhouse heaters for greenhouses right up to 10' x 30'.
Natural Gas Heaters
Greenhouse Natural Gas Heaters are designed to run on Natural or mains household Gas at mains pressure, 20mbr, removing the need for you to have seperate gas cylinders to fuel them and potentially run out at critical times.
They are convector heaters, meaning that they work efficiently by collecting the coolest air, heating it and expelling it at speed (up to 300cfm on maximum setting). Natural Gas Greenhouse Heaters are designed to give a moderate increase in temperature to a large volume of air rather than a higher increase to small quantities.
Fitted with thermostats for you to set you desired temperature, push button piezo ignition and flame failure devices these Greenhouse Natural Gas Heaters are available in two sizes to suit greenhouses up to 10' x 20'
Paraffin Heaters
Paraffin heaters are excellent for use in greenhouse heating systems, they protect your plants from the cold as well as producing CO2 as a byproduct which growing plants thrive on.
CO2 is a main plant food that all plants use to photosynthesise, making paraffin heaters very effective for using to heat your greenhouse in the winter, although they should never be used in domestic situations due to this CO2 production.
Paraffin heaters are designed for safe operation in greenhouses or polytunnels to provide a stable heat source that will also feed the plant with CO2.
Paraffin heaters are available in a range of styles and sizes, browse our range to find one that is suited to you.
Our paraffin heaters section also includes spare wicks for our complete range of heaters allowing you to maintain your paraffin heater for years to come.
Heating Cables
A range of electically powered soil warming cables for use in propagation beds as well as specialist Iceguard cables for use around water pipes to prevent them freezing in winter.
Soil warming cables are perfect for using in conjunction with other greenhouse heating systems to ensure your soil stays at an appropriate temperature for propagation whilst your heater maintains a lower base temperature.
In an otherwise un heated greenhouse soil warming cables can also be used to protect plants through the winter months.
Iceguard Heating Cables are designed to prevent your pipes from freezing, especially useful if your pipes are exposed to the elements outside your home. Simply wrap the cables around the pipe evenly and it will keep the pipe warm in all weathers and keep them from freezing over or being affected by ice. When the temperature dips below 5 degrees centigrade the built-in-frost-stat automatically switches on the cables to prevent ice formation.
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