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Mini Greenhouses

This huge selection of mini greenhouses from various greenhouse manufacturers offers small free standing and lean to greenhouses, in lots of styles and designs, there is sure to be one that suits your needs.
There are wooden, aluminum and plastic mini greenhouses and cold frames, from leading suppliers such as Elite, Access, Gardman. Palram and Chaselink, as well as many of our own design and manufacture.

Elite Easygrow Mini Lean To
This range of Elite 2'3" (700mm) Wide Easigrow Lean-Tos are compact, mini greenhouses designed to provide an effective growing area in gardens with limited space. Low enough to fit against most shed or garage walls they combine the same high quality features as Elites larger lean-tos: strong aluminium frames, glass or polycarbonate glazing to the ground, full height sliding doors & opening roof vents for easy access & maximum ventilation.

Access Classic Freestanding Eltham D
This classic glass glazed Access mini greenhouse has been designed to provide you with loads of growing space. At 2’8" deep you’ll have masses of floor space, with it also coming supplied complete with height adjustable shelves you’ll be able to pack this mini greenhouse full of seed trays during the spring. Then in the warmer, summer months raise taller crops by simply folding the shelves down against the back of the frame.

Access Exbury
This Access mini greenhouse provides you with a place to over winter your plants, to bring on new seedlings or cuttings, for hardening off plants or for growing crops in grow bags.
The Exbury is glazed with glass on all sides letting maximum light to your plants for healthy, even growth.
You can place it anywhere in your garden, with the glass sliding panels, on both front and back, giving you easy access to all your plants.

Access Hampton Mini Lean To
Designed by Access Garden Products this Hampton mini lean-to lets you make the most of the available ground space. At 5’10" high this Hampton Lean-to gives you loads of growing space. You can raise seedlings, overwinter standard fuchsias or raise tomatoes, in fact anything you’d like to grow, as this lean-to comes complete with five adjustable shelves for holding seed trays and pots which can be folded flat against the frame when taller plants are being grown.

Access Hampton D Mini Lean To
This Hampton D Mini Lean has been designed by Access to provide a mini greenhouse with extra depth, so you’ve got even more space to raise seedlings and crops. Designed to fit against a wall or fence, this lean to has a supremely strong aluminium frame and is glazed with toughened glass. Backed by a 25 year guarantee you can buy this mini lean to with the confidence that you’ll be getting a high quality, well designed product with a long life.

Access Harlow Mini Lean To
A high quality mini greenhouse this Access Harlow Lean-to is ideal for gardeners with limited space or don't wish to invest in a full size greenhouse.

Access Harewood Mini Lean To
A glass glazed mini greenhouse, the Harewood Mini Lean-to has been developed by Access Garden Products to provide you with a tall lean-to greenhouse with lots of growing space. With a 25 year manufacturers guarantee the frame is made from architectural quality aluminium glazed with high quality toughened safety glass.

Access Value Lean-To Half Wall Frame
Awarded by Which? Gardening as a best Buy,
This Value Lean-To Half Wall Frame provides you with an excellent quality frame at a very keen price. At just 2’8" high it’s an ideal size for siting below a window, whilst the 2’1" depth means there is lots of growing space.

Access Value Cold Frame
These Access Value Cold Frames are the perfect size for growing crops direct in the ground. They will provide you with a large area of covered space, protecting you’re valuable crops from both the weather and from any garden pests. If you’re not using this cold frame as a place to raise vegetables direct in the ground, it’s just as simple to place it onto a patio or other hard ground and use to raise seedlings or cuttings.

Access  Westminster Classic Lean To
A narrow lean-to greenhouse that will fit on even the smallest patio or pathway, the Westminster Classic Lean To has a high quality aluminium frame glazed with toughened safety glass.
At just 1’1" wide it provides you with loads of growing space as it’s a generous 5’8" tall, being supplied complete with five adjustable shelves you’ll be able to fill it up with loads of plants.
Having four different sliding door panels means that tending you plants will be very easy, access for watering and cropping is simple whilst the choice of ventilation postions for the doors is virtually endless.

Access Classic Lean To Half Westminster
This compact Half Westminster lean-to greenhouse is just 1’1" deep, making it suitable for even the smallest of spaces. With a supremely strong aluminium frame and toughened glass glazing this Mini Lean-to is extremely high quality. It includes as standard two adjustable and removable shelves.

Access 5 Bladed Louvre Plain Only
A high quality Access 5 Bladed Louvre designed to fit Access Mini Greenhouses and Lean-to's to provide efficient, automated ventilation.

Tomato House
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available.
This versatile space saving Tomato plant house lets you raise strong crops without a greenhouse.
Raise temperatures and protect your plants from poor weather and pests for healthy growth and clean crops. For easy watering, ventilation and plant care there's a large zipped front panel.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - select the special offer pack and you will SAVE £7.43 against purchasing two single units.

Tomato House with a Spare Cover
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available.
Our special offer combines the versatile space saving Tomato plant house with a spare cover.
Raise temperatures and protect your plants from poor weather and pests for healthy growth and clean crops.
For easy watering, ventilation and plant care there's a large zipped front panel.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - Buy this set and you will SAVE £4.98 on purchasing the items separately.

Halls Traditional Wall Garden
Evan if space is limited or you simply want to supplement your greenhouse these Halls Traditional Wall Gardens are an ideal answer. These aluminium framed, horticultural glass glazed, small lean to greenhouses give you that valuable protected growing area allowing you to sow seeds, raise pot plants or even grow fruit and vegetables right through to cropping.
Halls Supreme Wall Garden
A complete package !
With elegantly curved eaves, this Halls Supreme Wall Garden lean to greenhouse is a unique way to get yourself ready to garden. It comes complete with its own base, all its own shelving & even seed trays.
All you need to do is assemble the unit & start planting !

Forest Garden Mini Greenhouse
This timber Mini Greenhouse from Forest Garden provides you with style and flexibility when space is at a premium. It’s large enough to hold a full size growbag, whilst two internal shelves are included when you want to use the greenhouse to hold loads of seed trays or pots full of plants. For maximum ventilation it has two independently opening lids on the top and two full size doors form the front of the greenhouse.

Easy Access Mini Greenhouse
Manufactured to the same high specifications as our Cold Frame, this free-standing Easy Access Mini Greenhouse combines the cold frame at the top with a sturdy lower section providing even more growing space.

Spare Cover for Patio Greenhouse
Strong, shaped, UV stabilised Spare polythene Cover designed to simply slip over the framework of the Patio Greenhouse.

Spare Net Cover For Patio Greenhouse
Protect your plants from pests and keep them well shaded from the summer sun with this Net Cover for the Patio Greenhouse. Simply replace your standard patio cover with this net cover during the summer months. Letting more air to your plants, it prevents them from being scorched when the suns at its strongest. The fine mesh also keeps birds away from your crops.

Plant Inn
The Plant Inn combines the qualities of a raised bed with those of a cold frame. It puts you in control of the planting environment - soil, water, temperature and humidity. In this way the Plant Inn lets you extend the growing season, so you can plant earlier which helps to increase healthy growth for bumper crops. Ideal for the smaller garden, this compact structure can be used on porches, patios or balconies when space is limited. Ideal for growing flowers, vegetables or herbs this durable structure is made of a strong aluminium frame and clear polycarbonate glazing. It also includes a useful storage compartment under the growing area where you will be able to store gardening tools and equipment. space underneath.
Large Raised Bed With Pop Up Mini Greenhouse
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Set.
Use this Special Offer set of Pop-Up Mini Greenhouse and raised Bed to easily create an efficient area for raising crops.
By using the raised bed and pop up greenhouse you are establishing a growing bed that will have an increased soil temperature and protective cover, both of which will promote healthy growth.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - Buy this set and you will SAVE £5.98 on purchasing the items separately.

Wooden Growhouse

This Wooden Growhouse can be used for so many things you'll wonder how you managed without it! Made from high quality, solid hardwood, FSC certified, with black powder coated, rust proof fittings and glazed on all sides, roof and back with UV protected, twin wall polycarbonate, this Growhouse looks good and will provide years of service.

Pop Up Mini Greenhouse
SPECIAL OFFER - Discounted Pack of two available, Saving £5.99.
A sturdy Pop-Up Mini Greenhouse supplied fully assembled ready to use. The clever design of this greenhouse enables it to be stored in its own case, folded flat. When ready to use simply remove from the case and this mini greenhouse 'pop-up's' into shape ready to use.

Spare Cover for 5 Tier Mini Greenhouse
This Spare Cover is made from UV protected clear PVC and is shaped to fit over the framework of the mini greenhouse (dimensions below).
Gardman Walk-in Grow Arc
These Walk-in Grow Arc greenhouses have been designed to create a temporary, protected growing space. Use alone or as a 'extra growing space' when your regular greenhouse is full to overflowing in the busy spring months. These greenhouses are quick and easy to assemble, with a simple 'push-fit' tubular steel frame, pre-shaped cover and integral shelving. Available in two sizes - the Standard is 6'3" long, whilst the Compact is perfect for smaller areas being just 2'5" long, both are tall enough for you to work comfortably inside.
Grow Arc Spare Cover
The Grow Arc Spare Cover is made from reinforced polyethylene that is UV stabilised and is shaped to simply slip over the frame of the Grow Arc -simply select the size to suit your Grow Arc.
Access Double Tomato House
Designed to stand on a patio, gravel or soil this 4ft square Access Double Tomato House is the perfect size for growing tomatoes in growbags or pots or other summer crops. It has a sturdy aluminium frame and is glazed with toughened safety glass. For easy access and excellent ventilation this Tomato House has sliding front, back and roof panels - the roof panels can be removed in very hot weather if required.
Gardman Grow Arc
Designed to fit into a small space, these cost effective Grow Arcs are ideal for sitting on a patio, on decking or are even narrow enough to fit onto most pathways. With a strong metal frame, reinforced cover and integral shelves they offer all the requirements needed for successful horticulture. If you've only got limited outdoor space they are ideal, if you are new to gardening these are an ideal 'starter' greenhouse or if you just need extra protected space when your full size greenhouse is bursting at the seams, they are quick and easy to erect and use - and are just as easy to dismantle and store away until needed again.
Gardman Small Grow Arc Spare Cover
These Grow Arc Spare Covers are shaped to fit neatly and easily over the frame of the smaller sized Grow Arcs. To ensure the covers are robust they are made from UV stabilised polyethylene which has been reinforced with green nylon. Simply select the cover to suit the size of Grow Arc which you have.
Forest Garden Victorian Tall Wall Greenhouse
This Victorian Tall Wall Greenhouse manufactured by Forest Garden is a versatile, compact greenhouse ideal for gardens where space is at a premium. For use all year round, this greenhouse provides you with masses of protected space enabling you to grow a wide variety of plants, sow seeds earlier and protect tender plants through the winter months. The beautiful, classic Victorian style of this greenhouse will look good in any garden, whether left as the natural timber it is supplied as or if you stain or paint the frame to suit your exact requirements.
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