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Our extensive range of quality, competitively priced, greenhouses ensures that there's a model to suit all budgets and every size of garden or situation.
Chosen for their quality and value this range of traditionally styled aluminium greenhouses and timber greenhouses from brand leaders such as Elite Greenhouses, Halls Greenhouses, Janssens Greenhouses, Forest Greenhouses, Palram Greenhouses and Growhouse Greenhouses will offer you a choice from which there is sure to be one that fits your needs.
We also have a range of Lean To, temporary and mini greenhouses that cater for all situations, whether it is fitting into a limited space or just extra cover required for your plants overflowing from your main greenhouse.

Rion Greenhouses
These innovative Rion Greenhouses have the perfect weather-resistant combination: smooth, strong, totally maintenance free resin framework coupled with tough safety glazing.
Stylish and roomy, the attractive barn-shape design gives more headroom and growing space than the traditional 'A' shaped greenhouse. These Rion Greenhouses come fully glazed with 4mm double wall polycarbonate, or a combination of 4mm polycarbonate and clear polycarbonate, depending on the model chosen. All the Rion Greenhouse range is designed to have optimum insulation efficiency whilst maintaining a healthy growing environment allowing good levels of light in and keeping the cold weather out.
Elite Greenhouses
Elite Greenhouses Ltd, a family run, Uk based manufacturer have been making traditional aluminium framed greenhouses for over 50 years. Elite greenhouses offer exceptional quality and value, couple this with their well thought out, wide range of free standing and Lean To greenhouses and you are sure to find just what your looking for.
From the gardening professional to the humble beginner, everybody deserves the best possible start in their growth management plan, and with Elite Greenhouses huge variety of greenhouses from the gargantuan Classique model all the way down to the Compact or Window Garden, with the Streamline, Belmont, Craftsman, and garden Supreme in between they are sure to have the perfect model for your needs.
Halls Greenhouses
These Greenhouses from the Halls Greenhouse range start with the Popular Halls 6ft wide x 4ft long greenhouses and go up to the cavernous 8ft wide x 14ft long Halls Magnum greenhouse, Halls offer quality greenhouses at cost effective prices.
Halls Greenhouses are offered in value for money milled aluminium, or stylish powder coated green finish as well as traditional eve or 'curved' eve designs, all with various glazing options.
Access Greenhouses
Access have been producing cold frames and mini greenhouses for over 50 years. Based in Crick in the UK, Access developed their complete range to ensure you make the best use of the space available to you, even in the smallest gardens.
Small scale doesn’t mean small standards, Access Garden Products use only the highest quality aluminium alloy for their frames, which all come complete with a 25 year guarantee.
All the frames are glazed with toughened safety glass to British Standard BS6206A, which is up to ten times stronger than horticultural glass.
Janssens Greenhouses
The Janssens Greenhouses and Garden rooms have been designed and constructed to a superior standard to satisfy the rigorous demands of the contemporary gardener and the traditional greenhouse enthusiast.
This range of garden buildings has a wide appeal, from the traditional Victorian greenhouses and Orangery's to the impressive Lean To Greenhouses. The well designed construction of these stylish buildings guarantees excellent stability, durability and flexibility.
With a wide range of adaptations available this range of Janssens Greenhouses and Lean To's meets with the demands of customers in order to provide them with one of the finest lifestyle greenhouse choices available.
Janssens Greenhouses and Lean to's are distinctly different from other manufacturers which allows them to boast......................
There are Greenhouses......and there are Janssens Greenhouses.
Forest Greenhouses
This beautifully designed Timber Forest Glasshouse, manufactured by Forest Timber Products Ltd, is made from kiln dried, pressure treated timber and is guaranteed against rot for 15 years. Supplied complete with matching staging for all sides of the greenhouse you'll have masses of space for raising seeds and cuttings, plus useful space for over wintering you prized plants.
Gardman Greenhouses
Gardman Greenhouses offer a cost effective way of offering temporary shelter to you crops during the growing season. Quick and easy to install these Gardman Greenhouse products can be erected in minutes to cover large beds letting you sow crops in the ground early in the season when plants may need protection, create extra space for an overflowing greenhouse to spill over into, or in the smaller garden give you the ability to grow your own fruiting crops, like tomato's.
Palram Greenhouses
Palram Industries is a leading international company with over 40 years of experience in development, production and marketing of polycarbonate Palram greenhouses and cold frames.
They understand the importance of ensuring that you receive the highest quality products and do this by only using the best materials on the market to produce their polycarbonate greenhouses. Due to their lightweight and practical designs they are easy to install and maintain and will give good service for many years to come.
Lean To Greenhouses
This extensive range of Lean To Greenhouses from leading suppliers such as Elite Greenhouses, Janssens Greenhouses and Halls Greenhouses offers you a selection of garden lean to buildings that will not only enhance your garden but offer you that extra growing space to raise your plants. These stylish Lean To Greenhouses can also be configured, by adding toughened glass and wider doors for example, to make cost effective garden rooms and extensions to your home.
Aluminium Greenhouses
This collection of framed aluminium greenhouses with choices of design and style are all from leading manufactures and have been chosen for you as they offer excellent quality at reasonable prices. With options for glazing from Horticultural Glass, Safety Toughened Glass and Polycarbonate these aluminium greenhouses from brand leaders such as Elite Greenhouses, Halls Greenhouses, Janssens greenhouses, Access garden frames and Two Wests and Elliott Ltd, will be able to fulfil any requirement you may have.
Wooden Greenhouses
These wooden greenhouses are all hand built in Chester by professional joiners using Western red cedar, a top quality timber that provides outstanding greenhouse strength in adverse conditions and enhanced weather resistance for garden use.
By keeping the design of these wooden greenhouses simple and practical, they provide you with an easy to use covered space that offers your plants the ideal growing conditions for healthy growth. Maximum light ingress is allowed with full sheet toughened glass panels reaching to the ground, whilst variable ventilation is achieved with roof vents, side vents and optional louvre windows. Excellent value for money, they include as standard red cedar frames, toughened safety glass held securely in place with beading, all fixings are made from high grade stainless steel and smooth sliding doors fitted with aluminium runners and roller bearings.
Glass Greenhouses
This category pulls together from our huge range of garden buildings all the greenhouses that have glass as a glazing option, many give you the choice of horticultural glass or safety toughened glass. These glass greenhouses have been chosen for their quality and all come from class leading manufacturers such as Elite Greenhouses Ltd, Halls Greenhouses, Jansens Greenhouses, Forest Greenhouses and Access Greenhouses.
Mini Greenhouses
This huge selection of mini greenhouses from various greenhouse manufacturers offers small free standing and lean to greenhouses, in lots of styles and designs, there is sure to be one that suits your needs.
There are wooden, aluminum and plastic mini greenhouses and cold frames, from leading suppliers such as Elite, Access, Gardman. Palram and Chaselink, as well as many of our own design and manufacture.
Plastic Greenhouses
This range of plastic greenhouses offers you a wide choice of temporary and permanent, full size and mini greenhouses all glazed with various alternatives to glass. With many different styles and designs these vary from instant pop up greenhouses to the unique Rion Modular Greenhouse, there will sure to be a type and size of plastic greenhouse that suits your exact requirements.
Polycarbonate Greenhouses
This range of glazed polycarbonate greenhouses offers you a wide choice of temporary and permanent, full size and mini greenhouses all glazed with 4mm twin wall polycarbonate as an alternatives to glass. With many different styles and designs these polycarbonate greenhouses offer advantages over traditional glass glazed greenhouses in so much as they have better insulation values and the polycarbonate glazing is virtually indestructible, so completely safe.
Portable Greenhouses
A wide range of portable greenhouses designed to give you that extra covered growing space, just when and where you need it most.
These portable greenhouses vary in size from mini tomato houses, small plant houses and mini lean to's right up to full size walk in portable polytunnels and greenhouses.
Temporary Greenhouses
A wide range of Temporary Greenhouses designed to give you the ability to make the best use of your free space through the busy growing season.
When your main greenhouse is bursting at the seams with plants just not quite ready to be planted out these temporary greenhouse create a handy half way house to move your plants into in order to create space in your main greenhouse.
Alternatively if you do not wish to have a permanent greenhouse in your garden these temporary greenhouses are ideal for you to erect quickly and easily to give you that covered growing space to raise your own bedding plants early in the season or crops like tomatoes from seed right through to cropping and beyond.
These temporary greenhouses vary in size from mini tomato houses, small plant houses and mini lean to's right up to full size walk in portable polytunnels and greenhouses.
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