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Greenhouse Glazing Clips

If you have a greenhouse these glass glazing clips will allow you to repair and maintain your Greenhouse should it have been damaged in any way or need a replacement part. These 'W' clips, 'Z' clips and Band clips are all you will need to hold glass or polycarbonate glazing in place. The 'W' Clips and Band Clips will hold the glazing back into the frame, whereas the 'Z' clips will support one piece of glazing above the other where they overlap, hence these clips are also known as 'lap' or 'overlap' clips.
If you are replacing the glazing in a greenhouse then it is worth renewing the 'Glazing Strip' that the glass or polycarbonate sits on.

Special Offer Mini Maintenance Kit
Buy this Mini Maintenance Kit for just £4.57 saving you 30% off normal selling prices.
This Mini Maintenance Kit is ideal if you want to carry out any quick repairs to your greenhouse before the busy spring season arrives. We've chosen our most popular products and combined them into a money saving kit saving you 30% off individual selling prices.

Special Offer Cleaning And Maintenance Kit
Buy this Cleaning And Maintenance Kit for just £17.75 saving you £5.03 on normal selling prices.
This Cleaning And Maintenance Kit is the perfect way to get your greenhouse ready for the colder months ahead. We've included a selection of clips and fixing to make greenhouse repairs and also included a Smoke Generator and 500ml Citrox Disinfectant so you can cleanse the greenhouse before you start your autumn sowing. We've also been able to give you a massive 30% off normal selling prices!

W Greenhouse Glazing Clips
'W' shaped stainless steel wire clips used to securely hold glass in aluminium greenhouse frameworks. These greenhouse glazing clips are used in most makes of aluminium greenhouse, used to hold the glass back into the frame. They will cope with a variety of glass thickness's and can also be used to hold polycarbonate glazing panels into aluminium frames.

Part Formed Z Greenhouse Glazing Clips
When glazing or re-glazing a glass glazed greenhouses use these sturdy, rust proof aluminium part formed Z Clips where two panes of glass overlap. Being only a part formed greenhouse glazing clip allows you to set your glass overlap, this enables you to vary the overlap which gives you the ability to fill a greenhouse frame with glazing. Can be used in aluminium or wooden framed greenhouses.

Pre Formed Z Greenhouse Glazing Clips
Robust, aluminium Pre Formed Z Clips used when glazing or re-glazing a glass glazed greenhouses. These greenhouse glazing clips are used to support overlapping panes of glass within the aluminium or wooden greenhouse frame.

Band Greenhouse Glazing Clips
Band Clips are stainless steel, sprung greenhouse glazing clips designed to securely hold glass or other types of greenhouse glazing in most aluminium greenhouse frameworks.

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