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Cold Frames

Cold frames provide valuable extra space for young or overwintering plants if your greenhouse is full, also they’re a good option if you don’t have room for a greenhouse.
Available in a variety of materials and finishes, our range of cold frames includes aluminium cold frames, polycarbonate cold frames and glass cold frames. In early spring a cold frame is an ideal ‘half-way house’ between greenhouse and garden for plants that need hardening off. Cold frames are best sited against a sheltered south facing wall or fence to get as much heat and light as possible. When choosing a cold frame, make sure the lid can be propped open for good ventilation during the day.
Expert advice from Jackie Whittaker, garden writer for Garden News - A cold frame can open a new dimension in gardening, giving the benefits of a longer season, enabling you to grow earlier, later, bigger and better crops, as well as raising more of your own flowers and shrubs. A cold frame can also be a halfway house for plants in the spring, when they move from the warmth and protection of your greenhouse into the cooler conditions of your garden. A cold frame provides you with a place to ‘harden-off’ these young, tender plants before you plant them out. Let your plants get used to the cooler conditions, leaving the cold frame lid closed for the first few days and then starting to open the frame to get the plants used to cooler temperatures. About two weeks in a cold frame usually prepares your plants sufficiently to be planted into your garden.

Two Wests Cold Frames
Here at Two Wests & Elliott we have been designing & manufacturing high quality, practical Cold Frames for over 24 years. By combining strong, maintenance-free, rust-proof aluminium frames with double-skinned plastic glazing our Cold Frames keep warmth in, cold out & allow maximum light transmission to prevent young plants becoming drawn & leggy.
Aluminium Cold Frames
It's important to protect your plants and seedlings from the cold winter and spring frosts; a good cold frame can help you do exactly that.
A Cold Frame will also allow you to move plants from your greenhouse early (before they are ready to face the open outdoors) so relieving space in your main greenhouse to enable you to plant more seeds or set other crops.
They can also be used to house tender outdoor ornamentals over winter and in the spring can be used as a half way house to harden off plants raised in the home or greenhouse.
An Aluminium Cold Frame will be totally rot free, will require very little maintenance (just a good wash at the end of the season) and will give you years of reliable service.
Polycarbonate Cold Frames
Almost anyone can grow in the garden in the summer time, but what about harvesting crops in the middle of spring, or late autumn when the weather cannot be at its best. A polycarbonate cold frame will allow you to do this as it creates an enclosed, manageable micro climate, allowing plants to flourish earlier and later in the growing season, than they would if left out in the open.
Polycarbonate cold frames or garden frames, as they are sometimes known, have several advantages - the polycarbonate is virtually un breakable so is safe for use in areas where broken glass would be dangerous, i.e. if children or elderly people are present, Polycarbonate is also effectively 'double glazing' so the cold frame retains more heat and is also light weight so allows you to move the cold frame from place to place with ease.
Raised Bed Cold Frames
Raised bed gardening is fast becoming one of the most popular ways of raising crops, make your raised bed even more useful and successful by adding a raised bed cold frame.
A cold frame allows you to capture solar energy and create a warmer, protected microclimate which will enable you to start planting crops earlier in the season and also continue later into the year. A cold frame will also protect your precious crops from many harmful pests.
Glass Cold Frames
Glass cold frames are available in many different sizes and shapes, there is sure to be one here that meets your exact requirements.
Cold frames or garden frames are structures that utilize solar energy and insulation to create a microclimate within your garden. A glass glazed cold frame with an aluminium frame is the choice of many gardeners, being of rot free, low maintenance construction and crystal clear glazing. Glass also adds weight and strength to a cold frame making it suitable for the more exposed site where strong winds and adverse weather could be a factor.
For those of you who have harvested and eaten a salad of fresh greens in February or have flowers blooming well past frost, you know the attraction of using glass cold frames, you also know how easy they are to use and how essential they are to a gardener. You may have a greenhouse, but it is a fact that at peak growing times space is always limited, so we rely heavily, especially in spring and fall, on our cold frames to overwinter plants, extend the growing season, start seeds, and harden off plants.
Elite Cold Frames
With over 50-years of garden frame manufacturing expertise and experience you can be sure an Elite cold frame is at the forefront of quality and technology.
Through generations of modifications and research, Elite cold frames have been honed to deliver a level of performance that is second to none.
Ideal for seedlings and small plants, the Cold Frame is a must have in a gardener's armoury in the battle to "bring on" small plants fighting against the cold conditions.
Available with Tilt or Slide top vents.(Please note that tilt vents are only intended for frame access.)
All of the components of an Elite Cold Frame conform to British Standards and only high tensile nuts and bolts are used. These nuts and bolts have been scientifically tested to be 2.5 times stronger than standard aluminium bolts.
The Elite Cold Frame is provided with toughened safety glass which, in the event of breakage, granulates reducing the chance of injury. Elite only use Grade A toughened glass to Standard EN12150.
Access Cold Frames
Access Garden Products have been producing their cold frame range for over 50 years. Their innovative designs coupled with excellent quality has made them popular with generations of keen gardeners.
Access Cold Frames come in a large range of sizes and shapes and are suitable for any size of garden, be it large or small. Being of aluminium and glass construction these cold frames will give a lifetime of reliable service.
Plastic Cold Frames
It's important to protect your plants and seedlings from the cold winter and spring frosts; a good plastic cold frame can help you do exactly that and relieve space in your greenhouse! They can be used to house bonsai and tender ornamentals over winter and in the spring can be used as a half way house to harden off plants raised in the home or greenhouse.
Plastic cold frames tend to be a cost effective way of getting into cold frame gardening being cheaper than other glass and polycarbonate glazed garden frames. Also being lighter in construction they are easier to move from place to place should you need to do so, some plastic cold frames also lend themselves to be easily disassembled when not in use.
Wooden Cold Frames
A timber cold frame will be an attractive and practical addition to your garden. Timber cold frames tend to be easier to assemble as they are supplied in larger panels so it’s often it takes just a few minutes to build your cold frame ready for use. We always recommend that when using a timber cold frame you place it on paving slabs or gravel rather than directly onto soil, as this will help preserve the life of the timber framed structure.
Temporary Cold Frames
A wide range of Temporary Cold Frames designed to make the best use of limited space. Ideal for small gardens, patios, as an overflow area for overcrowded greenhouses or even to create a hot area inside an existing greenhouse.
Temporary cold frames are just what their name suggests at peak growing times when your greenhouse or permanent cold frames are fit to burst simply and quickly erect one of these cold frames or garden frames to give you that extra covered space essential to the protection of your plants. These temporary cold frames are more than adequate to be left erected for the whole growing season and then can be taken down, packed away and stored until they are needed again.
Cold Frame Accessories
This category of cold frame accessories displays a range of spares, replacement parts and accessories that will go with and enhance our selection of cold frames and garden frames. Many of these cold frame accessories will give your cold frame a new lease of life, making it even more usefull as the growing season progresses, whilst others will make the cold frames more comfortable and easy to use, by raising them up to a good working height.
Cold Frame Spares
This category is a collection of cold frame spare parts and DIY materials that will help you to repair and maintain your cold frame or garden frame.
Anything from bolts and nuts, glazing clips, glazing materials and spare fitted covers. There is also a selection of aluminium extrusions you can use to strengthen up an existing cold frame of even bulid a new one to you own special design.
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