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Access Garden Cloches

Access Garden Products makes this range of traditional Victorian glass cloches which will enhance the look of any garden whilst serving a practical purpose. Cloches allow you to get your plants into the garden early in the season, offering them protection from early frosts and from pests. Cloches also create warmer, moister, micro climates which encourages growth throughout the early season. Available in several designs, Bells, Square and octagonal these traditional glass cloches will add character and charm to your garden.

Access Glass Bells Set Of Three
These traditional Glass Bell Cloches are based on the original glass cloches from the Victorian era. Both decorative and practical, these cloches are ideal for protecting young plants from harsh weather and will add character and charm to any garden. This Set Of Three Cloches provides you with one small, one medium and one large bell cloche.
Access Glass Cloche
A modern interpretation of a traditional garden cloche, this Access Glass Cloche has a sturdy aluminium frame and is glazed with 4mm toughened glass. Designed so that you can use just one Access Glass Cloche on its own, or purchase a number of cloches and use them to create one long run.

Access Glass Bells
A traditional Glass Bell Cloche will protect tender plants from frost, insects and birds.
Glass will trap the heat from the suns rays better than plastic, creating a warmer environment for your plants.
Glass Bell cloches are not only functional, they will also create a stylish feature, especially in a traditional kitchen garden.
Access Herb And Salad Cloche Planter
This Access Herb And Salad Cloche Planter has been designed to provide an efficient growing area for raising your own herbs and salad crops. The cloche comes with its own timber base which provides sufficient space for healthy root growth and makes it easy for you to place the cloche on a patio or other hard surface if required. By protecting your crops from the great British weather this cloche enables you to produce earlier crops - and if the right varieties are chosen you could grow all year round!
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