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Greenhouse Cleaning Tools

All these Tools for Cleaning and accessories have been carefully selected by Two Wests and Elliott Ltd for their quality and usefulness.
This range of specialist telescopic handles brushes, jet heads and scrapers to name but a few will help you make light work of all the cleaning jobs around your greenhouse, garden and home. A clean gardening environment will help to prevent the spread of pests and diseases, so improving results and will also make gardening more enjoyable.

Claber Carry Cart Eco
Claber’s practical Carry Cart Eco is ideal for all refuse collection requirements in the garden. It’s ideal for holding leaves, grass cuttings etc.
Sturdy wheels make it easy to move around your garden and stable on different types of surface.
The refuse bag which it holds is made from strong, recyclable material, three times thicker than the average garden bag. The bag has a large holding capacity and has excellent resistance to thorns and pruned branches.

Bags for Claber Carry Cart Eco Pack of 10
These Spare Bags for the Claber Carry Cart Eco simply clip onto the ring of the cart using the resin clamps (supplied with the cart and also available to purchase separately).

Spare Bag Clamps for Claber Carry Cart Eco Pack of 4
These robust resin spare bag clamps are designed to hold the refuse bag securely within the frame of the Claber Carry Cart.

Gardena 130cm Combi System Wooden Handle
This Gardena Wooden Handle is designed for use with all Gardena Combi-system hand tools.
Made out of high-quality robust ash with aluminium tube for stable hand tool connection. Its ergonomically shaped handle gives you a non-slip grip for comfort whilst working.
Gardena Product Code - 3723-20.

Gardena Lawn Rake - Head Only
This Gardena hand-held Lawn Rake makes it easy to keep your garden trim and tidy. High quality plastic prongs make it strong but lightweight and gentle on your lawn.

Road Broom Head for Gardena Combi System
This high quality Gardena Road Broom attachment (3621-20) is desinged to fit the Gardena combi system range of handles.
This tough brush head has strong polypropylene bristles for superb cleaning results and also has a 'scraping edge' which allows trodden in dirt or wet leaves to be lifted prior to brushing. This Gardena broom has a working width of 45cm and the unique 'wobble free' combi system quick attachment.
Skytec Argon Thermal Gloves
These Skytec Argon Thermal Gloves are one of the best performing thermal gloves on the market. They have been developed to enable you to work outdoors in comfort no matter what the weather! For maximum cold weather protection these gloves have a thermal, double insulated nylon lining that is soft to the touch, seamless and shaped to fit. This makes theses gloves perfect if you're working for long periods in your garden or even when you're clearing away ice and snow.
Gardena Pick Up Stick
A great gadget for picking things up without having to bend down.
This robust Pick-Up Stick not only firmly grips objects but also has a foldaway spike to dislodge and collect awkward debris such as wet leaves and can also be used for gathering litter.

Big Hands Leaf Grabbers
Quickly and cleanly collect loads of leaves or garden waste with this pair or large plastic grabbers whilst keeping your hand clean!

Darlac Swop Top Cleaning Set
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Set - Saving you £9.94.

Our special offer Darlac Swop Top Cleaning Set ensures you have the right tool for all your cleaning needs.
Combining the Long Telescopic Pole with three detachable heads, (Soft Brush Head, Squeegee and Flexible Gutter Cleaner) as well as the Darlac Spiral-flow Hose and the Soap Dispenser for thorough and efficient cleaning.

SPECIAL OFFER SET - Buy this set and you will SAVE £9.94 on purchasing the items separately.

Darlac Swop Top Cleansweep Brush Head
This Cleansweep Brush head from Darlac is designed to connect to their telescopic pole to form a strong outdoor brush which you can use with or without water to clean patios, decking, paths or driveways.

Darlac Swop Top Soap Dispenser
Darlac’s Soap Dispenser includes a robust, transparent container making it easy for you to fill with any type of powdered or liquid detergent or feed.

Designed by Darlac to be used with their cleaning heads, telescopic pole and spiral hose, it's also suitable for fitting into any garden hose with the addition of a HCSC1N snap-on hose connector and a TTTC1 tap connector (available separately).

Darlac Flexible Gutter Cleaner
Keep gutters free of dirt and debris by using this Flexible Gutter Cleaner Head attached to the Darlac Spiral flow Hose and one of the Telescopic Poles. Easy to fit, it has an adjustable brass spray nozzle that can be turned to direct water as a jet, ideal for cleaning, through to a fine spray. This Gutter Cleaner has a black flexible shaft which you can shape to suit the gutter you are cleaning.

Darlac Swop Top Squeegee Head
Clean your greenhouse or conservatory windows with this Darlac Glass Squeegee.
Designed for use with the Telescopic Pole so that you can reach easily to the top of your greenhouse. For a professional clean use the Spiral flow Hose and Soap Dispenser to direct water and detergent directly onto the glass surface where the squeegee is.

Darlac Swop Top Soft Brush Head
The multi-angled, soft bristles of this Darlac Soft Brush Head makes it ideal for cleaning even the most delicate of surfaces. By adding the Spiral flow Hose and Soap Dispenser (available separately) water and detergent can be delivered directly to the head and through the bristles for really efficient cleaning.

Darlac Telescopic Pole
These Telescopic Aluminium Poles from Darlac have been ingeniously designed to be fully length adjustable, letting you set the length to suit the subject on which you are working. Ideal for working overhead when fully extended, they can also be used closed for working on the ground.

Darlac Swop Top Spiral flow Hose
Darlac's Spiral-flow Hose is designed for use with the Telescopic Pole, letting you easily clean areas normally out of reach. Its flexible design wraps around the pole to provide a water outlet at the top. Use with one of the Darlac cleaning heads to give you an outstanding clean.

Gardena Gutter Cleaning Head
Keeping gutters free of debris and clean is important to prevent drips, damage or leaks. This Gutter Cleaning Head has bristles on one side and a scraper on the other to remove even the mosy stubborn debris. Part of Gardena's Combisystem range you can only use this Gytter Cleaner when attached to a Gardena handle.
Gardena product code: 3650-20.

Gardena Telescopic Handle 160 to 290cm
This lightweight Aluminium Telescopic pole is part of the Gardena Combi-system range. Its telescopic handle extends up to 290cm allowing you to work high up and in those difficult to reach areas.
Gardena Product Code: 3711-20.

Gardena Gutter Cleaning Set
Use this specially designed Gardena Gutter Cleaning Kit consisting of telescopic pole and gutter cleaning head, to keep your guttering free of debris, helping to prevent any flooding, dripping or other problems caused by the great British weather.

Hozelock 2683 -  Flexi Spray
New for 2013 Hozelock have developed the Flexi Spray. which has been specifically designed for gardeners looking for an all-in-one watering solution. The Flexi Spray can perform a range of watering functions - it's a long reach spray gun, a garden sprinkler and a revolutionary way of watering specific areas of the garden - all possible due to its 'bendy' hose section that you can twist into any shape required.

Hozelock 2676 - Multi Spray Gun
An easy to use multifunction sprayer this Hozelock Multi Spray Gun is made from robust corrosion free plastic. This spray gun has a lockable on / off trigger with seperate flow control and a choice of five spray patterns which will allow you to perform all sorts of watering tasks.

Hozelock - (2601) Car Wheel Brush Plus
The Hozelock Car Wheel Brush 2601 is perfectly designed for cleaning in those hard to reach, awkward spaces such as car wheels and, in particular alloys. It is also ideally suited to cleaning the insides of plant pots and planters, those tricky places on greenhouses and conservatories, where dirt and moss collect, as well as being a superb brush for cleaning push bikes and motor bikes.

Darlac Super Pro Multi-Pattern Spray Gun
A quality brass and alloy, Darlac Multi-Pattern Spray Gun allows nine different settings from a gentle mist for the most delicate of seedlings to a strong jet ideal for cleaning paths or the car.

Professional Water Repellent Gloves
These Professional Water Repellent Gloves developed by Showa are simply a glove for all seasons making them ideal for our unpredictable British weather! Made from a unique combination of high grade foam latex coupled with a flat latex coating on the palm this enables exceptional grip and dexterity as well as breathability. This exceptional breathability means reduced perspiration in hot conditions and improved dryness in wet conditions, so as a result you only need this type of glove - whatever the weather!
Temres Ultimate Outdoor Gloves
These Temres Ultimate Outdoor Gloves developed by Showa are the world's first waterproof and breathable polyurethane protective gloves. These gloves provide an impervious barrier against liquids and oils whilst remaining breathable - this makes these gloves ideal for people needing comfortable, waterproof hand protection whilst carrying out jobs around the home and garden for long periods.
Special Offer Snow Clearing Pack
Buy this set and you are saving £10.00 on buying the three items individually.
A special offer set we have put together to help you keep moving when the snow moves in.
Consisting of the Telescopic Snow Shovel to dig your way out of your property or even keep in your car when the bad weather arrives and you have to be out and about, an easy to use Hand Spreader to spread winter rock salt around the area you have cleared and a really useful Dry Bin to store your winter rock salt, keeping it dry and to hand ready for use.
Premium Spray Gun (Gardena 8101)
The GARDENA Premium Metal Spray Gun Nozzle is highly robust thanks to its metal components and strong plastic construction. This premium hosepipe spray gun also lies comfortably in the hand, due to the non-slip soft plastic handle and trigger making it effortless to use. The water jet is infinitely adjustable: from hard jet to fine mist allowing you to blast away dirt or water the smallest of seedlings and plants, the spray gun also has an infinitely variable flow rate adjuster.
Outdoor Foot Brush
A must for every gardener this Foot Brush is the perfect solution for cleaning muddy wellingtons, boots and shoes with its four stiff brushes removing mud and dirt with ease. Equally suitable for using indoors or out it has a strong metal frame with a weatherproof coating and hardwood brushes for longer life.
Boot Clamp
This sturdy, easy-fit Boot Clamp has been designed to use with your wellington boots. Simply clamp over the top of a pair of boots and they create a handle for easy transport, provide a handle from which the boots can be hung neatly away and help to stop spiders, slugs, mice etc from climbing inside!
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