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The Compact 'Plug Plant' Trainer


The perfect size for a windowsill, this Plant Trainer makes it easy for everyone to raise plants from seeds or cuttings – without the need for a greenhouse.
The unique design consists of just three parts – base tray or ‘trough’, main tray or ‘sowing tray’ and lid. Each part has been carefully designed so that they are all multifunctional making this a very efficient compact space in which to raise your own plants.
plant trainer base  The Base Tray

This watertight base tray has been designed to support the main tray, such that you can fill the base tray with water and the plants growing in the main tray will be able to reach the water as they need it – so plants won’t be over or under watered and roots won’t be waterlogged.

Plant Trainer Main Tray

Forming the main body of the Plant Trainer, this tray is made up of 49, conical shaped cells which are designed to hold one seed or cutting.
Simply fill these cells with compost, and place the tray on top of the base tray. For easy sowing use the transparent lid as a multi-dibber, turning the over so that the spikes will make holes in the centre of each cell for a seed.   

plant trainer main tray fill with compost 
plant trainer in use  The Lid

The lid can either be sealed tight on top of the main tray or by turning through 90* in relation to the tray, vents will be formed either side of the lid for good air circulation – helping to prevent damping off.
plant trainer lid used as dibber 



Once your plants have grown large enough to be transplanted, the Plant Trainer makes it easy for you to remove the plants – without any disturbance to the roots of the plants so that they remain healthy and establish quickly in their new surroundings.
Transplanting the plugs is made easy as all you need to do is turn the main tray through 90* on the base tray and push down. The pegs in the base tray push the plug plants upwards, releasing them for planting on.

plugs removed from plant trainer 

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