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Swell Gel crystals are a free flowing material that you mix into the growing media where you are going to be planting.
When it rains or when you water your plants, these crystals absorb 400 times their own weight in water, becoming self-contained water ‘reservoirs’. These crystals are clever in the way that they release the water they have absorbed – they only release the water when your plants need it – preventing them from being overwatered. This occurs as the lattice work structures from which the crystals are formed expand when absorbing water. If the level of water in the compost reduces, then the crystals release water into the compost – similar to a sponge.
Plant roots can also grow through the Swellgel, so having direct access to the water.

Therefore, by adding Swellgel to the growing media, the length of time between watering is increased and as there is less fluctuation in the availability of water your plants growth is uninterrupted and less water is wasted.

Usage Information
Depending on where your plants will determine the amount of Swell gel Crystals that you should mix into their compost.

Click on the Images below to see recommended amounts for the various types of planting.

swell gel and bedding plants    swell gel and houseplants 
swell gel and grow bags  swell gel and runner beans   swell gel and vegetable plots
Runner Beans
Turf Laying

Don’t be tempted to exceed the amounts suggested – rather than helping it will simply cause the compost to over expand so that it spills out of the container it’s in. The only way to rectify this type of situation would be to remove all the compost, dilute by mixing in some fresh compost and re-potting.

After Planting
Once you’ve mixed the Swelgel into the soil and your plants are in place you need to do an initial watering, followed about an hour later by a second good watering. The reason behind this is that the crystals take a little while to absorb water the first time they are used – so watering twice, close together, will ensure that they have absorbed all the water they can. Swell gel Crystals will continue to work for up to five years – after this length of time sunshine and bacteria will have acted on the crystals to degrade them back to simple molecules.  


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