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Swellgel and hanging baskets

Keep them watered.......keep them healthy....

Hanging Baskets are a notoriously difficult place for your plants to grow. This is because lots of plants are trying to grow in a small area of compost, all fighting for water and nutrients. Adding Swell Gel crystals increase the amount of water that will be retained in the basket – so plant growth remains healthy.

starting to plant a hanging basket   watering a new hanging basket  

The best way to apply SwellGel in your hanging baskets is to mix it into the compost before you start to fill the basket. Mix 1.75g Swell Gel into each litre of compost, or use the following amounts based on the basket size:

Basket Size
10" / 25cm basket
12" / 30cm basket
14" / 35cm basket
16" / 40cm basket
18" / 45cm basket

Fit a liner into your basket, and then add a piece of polythene into the base – this will help to retain water in the basket. Now add your compost and Swell Gel mix into the basket and add plants as required.
Before hanging the basket against a wall, rest in the top of a bucket and thoroughly water. After about an hour water well again – this ensures that all the SwellGel crystals have soaked in as much water as they can retain.

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