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Swell Gel And Window Boxes

KEEP THEM WATERED...............KEEP THEM HEALTHY...........

Just like plants growing in containers or hanging baskets, those plants in window boxes will be fighting for water and feed – so it’s important that you do everything you can to keep them well provided with both. Adding SwellGel crystals increases the amount of water that will be retained in the basket – so plant growth remains healthy.

When first planting a window box, fill three quarters of the box with a mixture of compost and SwellGel crystals – adding 5g of crystals for every 12” length of window box. Then you can place your plants and top up with compost. Water twice to thoroughly charge the SwellGel crystals with water – watering the second time about an hour after the first watering.

As your plants establish in the window box, their roots will automatically grow down to where the moisture is being held within the crystals, so having direct access to these water reservoirs. You will still need to water your window box but as the SwellGel crystals retain water you will be able to water less frequently.

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