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Swell Gel And Vegetable Plots

KEEP THEM WATERED..................KEEP THEM HEALTHY.........

You can aid healthy plant growth and get bumper crops by using SwellGel crystals in three different ways at your vegetable plot or allotment:

rows of potatoes  rows of sweetcorn  rows of beetroot 
To Help In Germination And Early Growth
When planting seeds directly into the ground, work in 10g of Swell Gel crystals into every metre of drill. Gently work the crystals into the top 2” of soil. Before planting your seeds water well, an hour later plant your seeds and water again – this ensures that the SwellGel crystals will have fully soaked up water so they can act as little water reservoirs.

To Help Plants To Establish
For bare root transplants – for example strawberries or cabbages – mix 2-3g Swellgel into each planting hole before planting. To ensure the Swellgel Crystals soak up all the water available, water once, leave for an hour then water again.

For Season Long Moisture Retention
You can treat as much or your entire vegetable plot with SwellGel crystals to help the soil retain moisture. Prior to planting mix the crystals into the top 8” / 20cm – this ensures plenty of moisture will be held where the roots grow - using a ratio of 100g per square metre of plot.

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