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Swell Gel And Houseplants

KEEP THEM WATERED.................KEEP THEM HEALTHY............

Houseplants tend to be grown in small pots, so they quickly use up the nutrients and water which they find in the compost and rely on you to water and feed them regularly. To make this easier incorporate SwellGel crystals into the compost, to act as water reservoirs – so that plants have a constant supply of water and you can water less frequently.

 house plant with red foliage  
Ideally re-pot your houseplants – as this enables you to mix the SwellGel crystals into the compost at a ratio of 1-2g per litre of compost.
If it isn’t possible to re-pot your plants, then make small holes within the compost around the plant and add crystals to these holes. Finish offer by adding water to wash the crystals into the base of the holes and filling back up with compost.

The amount of SwellGel that you add depends on the pot size:

 Pot Size
Amount of Swell Gel To Add
6" / 15cm
2 to 3g
8" / 20cm
10" / 25cm

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