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Soil Warming Cables

Simple but effective Soil Warming cables for propagation to frost protection

To enable you to select the correct length of cable for you propagation area please see the table below:

Cable length
For Propagation Areas up to:
10ft / 3.05m
27 watt
5 sq feet
20ft / 6.1m
75 watt
10 sq feet
40ft / 12.2m
150 watt
20 sq feet
80ft / 24.4m
300 watt
40 sq feet
160ft / 48.8m
600 watt
80 sq feet

Please note:
If you're mist propagating please double the length needed for ordinary propagation.
To make it easier to lay the Soil Warming Cable uncoil it so that it is not touching itself & plug it in until it has warmed up a little - this will make the cable a lot more flexible. Unplug the cable & lay it avoiding any sharp bends & stones that might damage the cable.


Load Per Sq. Foot
2" / 5cm
20 watts
3" / 7.5cm
15 watts
4" / 10cm
10 watts
5" / 13cm
8.5 watts
6" / 15cm
7.5 watts
8" / 20cm
5 watts

When laying the Soil Warming Cable NEVER lay it in insulating materials such as peat, vermiculite, perlite etc. as the cable may overheat & breakdown. Ensure that the media in which the cable is operated is always damp.

Possible Uses Of The Soil Warming Cables

Propagation Benches
Start with a layer of about 1" (2.5cm) of coarse grit, cover with 1" (2.5cm) of coarse sand (not builders sand), lay the cable & cover with a further 1" (2.5cm) of coarse sand.
On top of this put either your growing medium for rooting cuttings or more sand into which you 'plunge' seed boxes or pots of seedlings / cuttings. For general propagation 7.7-10 watts per sq.ft. (4-6" / 10-15cm cable spacing) is sufficient. For mist propagation 15 watts (3" / 7.5cm spacing ) is required.

Hot Beds
Lay the Soil Warming Cable in soil 6-8" (15-20cm) below the surface, in a bed of sand as described above.

Air Warming
Soil Warming Cables are ideal for air warming within garden frames or enclosed propagators espaically when used with a thermostat. space the cables 2" (5cm) apart but be sure they do not sag & touch when hot.

PLEASE NOTE: if in any doubt about electrical connections contact a qualified electrician.

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