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Rootrainers And Why They Work So Well

Ideal for growing on seeds, seedlings, plugs and cuttings.

Rootrainers are the perfect start for nearly all plants and especially those that are sensitive to disturbance and require deep root runs. They are ideal for growing on seeds, seedlings, plugs and cuttings.

rootrainers in a greenhouse  roots visible in rootrainers when open  removing plugs from rootrainers 
•    Roots grow straight avoiding pot bound plants
•    Moisture content and roots can be inspected at anytime
•    Young plants are easily removed without damage
•    Plants develop more quickly, giving the best possible start
•    Rootrainers save you time, save space and save on compost
•    Rootrainers are re-usable and proven to have a long life of six and more years

•    Rootrainers are the only modular cell system which allows plants to be spaced out without re-potting

books from a rootrainer  The Rootrainer Books
The unique grooves that run down the books encourage plants to grow straight roots, resulting in more stable plants. The hinged design of these ‘books’ makes it possible for you to remove plants without root damage or shock.
Supplied flat, these ‘books’ should be folded in half and placed within the Tray until it is completely full – use all the books supplied with your rootrainers as they should sit snugly within the tray. You’ll notice that the Rootrainer Books have large drainage holes at the base – this is to allow the process of ‘Air Pruning’ to take place as described below.

Air Pruning

The first roots of the plant race down the special grooves of the rootrainers and quickly emerge through the drainage hole. The tips of the roots naturally dry off, causing masses of side roots to develop higher in the cell – these side roots grow straight down the grooves preventing the roots from spiralling around and around so the plant does not become pt bound. This results in a super root system, with a good ‘root to shoot’ ratio all set to support the plant.

The Rootrainer Tray
Once the Rootrainer Books have been fitted within the Tray the Books will not fall out and the tray is strong enough for you to move around even when full of compost and plants are growing.
You can now fill up the cells with compost. The most efficient way of doing this is to cover the Tray with moist compost and then shake it down into the bottom of the cells, adding more compost until all the cells are full of compost – don’t fill the cells right up to the brim, you should still be able to see each individual cell when full of compost – use a brush to get rid of any surplus compost.
carry case from a rootrainer 

Top Compost Tip
When using Rootrainers we recommend that the compost you use should be a medium to coarse mix with a good open structure but not too fibrous – you can add composted bark, washed quartz sand, perlite or vermiculite to the compost to maintain the structure and aid drainage.

Once roots begin to emerge from the bottom of the cells, you need to raise the tray up off your bench by at least 2” (5cm) to allow a good airflow underneath. If you don’t do this the roots emerging from the bottom of the cells will start to tangle together with their neighbours making it difficult to remove then when planting out.

Top Watering Tip

The design of the Rootrainers means that they drain exceptionally well – so you need to ensure that you provide adequate water. It’s easy to monitor the moisture within the soil simply by opening one of the Books. The easiest way to water rootrainers is to leave them to soak for a while in a tray of water - if you’ve bought the Clear Covers these are ideal for filling with water and placing the tray of rootrainers in to soak up the water. Just remember not to leave them in the water for too long – very small plants should not be over-watered, whilst larger plants should not be allowed to dry out.

Plant Care and Maintenance

The Books make it easy for you to inspect the plants as they grow – simply remove a Book from the Tray and open up to inspect the roots – then fold back together and replace in the tray. In this way you can tell when your plants are strong enough to be transplanted – when the root system is well formed and will hold the plug together they are ready to be transplanted.

rootrainer complete with lid  The Rootrainer Cover
This 3½” high (9cm) clear cover acts as a propagating lid.
Seeds can be germinated or cuttings struck with Rootrainers either placed directly on a bench (so no heat), or on a heated tray / within a propagator.
The cover will help to retain temperatures and moisture which aid in healthy germination and growth.

3” Deep Rootrainers
These 3” (8cm) deep Rootrainers are ideal for the growing bedding plants, container plants, salads and herbs, including the following:
•    Bedding Plants – such as Antirinums, Begonias, Bizzie Lizzies, Lobelia
•    Salad Plants – such as Lettuce, Radish, Tomatoes
•    Soft Fruits – such as strawberries
•    Small Herbs – such as Basil, Chives

•    Softwood Cuttings – such as Chrysanthemums, Geraniums, Fuchsias, Heathers

5” Deep Rootrainers
These deeper 5” (12cm) Rootrainers are suitable for a wide range of plants including:
•    Trees
•    Shrubs
•    Herbaceous Plants – such as Delphiniums, Sweet Peas, Sweet Williams, Wallflowers
•    Vegetables – Beetroot, Broad Beans, French Beans, Runner Beans

They are especially suitable for plants with fast growing roots such as beans, sweet peas etc.

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