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Oasis Drip Watering System


 oasis watering system in use

Designed and manufactured by Claber, this drip irrigation system is a practical, versatile, definitive solution to the problem of watering house plants when you are away or on holiday. No taps need to be left on, no electrical connections are required: the Oasis System runs on a 9 V battery, which gives enough power for a whole year. It offers a choice of four different irrigation programs, designed to cover all requirements: programs for 10, 20, 30 or 40 days. Ready to use in a few minutes, the Oasis system dispenses the right amount of water to house plants with scientific regularity, helping to ensure healthy growth.

 oasis reservoir tank inside the oasis reservoir tank
 oasis system drip nozzle

The Oasis Reservoir Tank can hold up to 25 litres of water and incorporates the following features:

•    A calibrated watering device in the centre of the reservoir ensures constant water

•     A washable filter ensures drippers don’t become blocked
•    An indicator light to show when the system is in operation
•    Bistable solenoid valve
•    The tank is isolated to prevent condensation – making it ideal for use in the home
•    No-Scratch rubber feet on the base of the tank

This Oasis System comes complete with 10 metres feeding hose, 20 drippers and 20 hose stakes: this fully independent irrigation circuit can be set up in a matter of minutes, to serve all the plants in the home.

Top Tip

When not in use, the hose, drippers and stakes can be stored inside the Oasis Reservoir, so keeping everything together in a small space.

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