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Mini Raised Beds

Limited Space ? ............No Problem

With this Mini Raised Bed you can grow delicious vegetables in a small space with very little effort. Due to its compact size & design, it is possible to use this product on hard surface areas such as patios, terraces or even balconies. The unit will work equally well on soft ground.

"Raised Beds can produce bigger, and healthier crops."

Our in house testing has found that vegetables grown in our raised beds develop faster & usually product bigger & healthier crops than conventional vegetable planting. The Mini Raised Bed is particularly suited to growing crops like beans, peas & tomatoes which require sturdy crop support & warm soil temperatures.

The Mini Raised Bed benefits from sturdy black side panels which absorb heat, boosting the soil temperature, thereby allowing plants to develop quicker. The isolated growing environment makes it easier to protect against pests & disease, as well as weeds which compete with your plants for essential nutrients. Raised beds are ideal for gardeners with otherwise poor soil condition, as it is easier to control the condition of the soil within the confined area of the four panels. Raised beds also prevent soil compaction. Conventional vegetable patches are subjected to considerable foot traffic which compacts the soil, reducing crop yields. The confined area also allows for efficient, less wasteful watering.

Filling & Using The Mini Raised Bed

We suggest that you combine soil with organic amendments such as peat, organic compost or well rotted manure to create fluffy loose soil. Beware of using 100% peat compost as this can dry out quickly & requires very regular watering. Before you plant or add mulch, consider installing a drip irrigation system to conserve water & save time. You are now ready to plant.

Watering & Irrigation

Whether you water by hand or use irrigation, remember to water generously & often. Crops such as beans & tomatoes are very thirsty! Always take account of the weather conditions & act accordingly. Consider using a rain gauge to measure your rainfall as this can prevent over watering which is damaging.

Using Mulch

Mulch helps control weeds & reduces the spread of soil-borne diseases. Mulch also conserves moisture by decreasing water evaporation. There are many mulch materials such as plastic sheet, straw, bark chip & shredded leaves. Many plastic mulches are water-impermeable, so if you use an irrigation system, install it underneath the mulch.

Plant Support

For crops such as beans, tomatoes & peas, good crop support is essential. By enabling the plant to grow vertically, you allow more sunlight to reach the leaves & the fruits. The problem for many gardeners is to provide growing support that will support heavy plants, laden with fruits in windy conditions. This is where the support frame & raised bed base means that the two are inseparable. As long as you ensure that your chosen plant support is tied to the aluminium frame, your plants will be firmly anchored to the unit. You can use bamboo cane, netting, trellis or even simple string as a means of plant support. Just remember the golden rule - tie it tightly to the frame!

Optional Liner For Mini Raised Bed

To ensure the best possible drainage, this Mini Raised Bed does not feature a base. However a porous liner is available separately, if required. If you intend to use this product on wooden decking, a liner is essential to contain the soil / compost within the raised bed. Please note that while the liner is porous, the soil / compost will not drain as freely, so care must be taken not to waterlog the Mini Raised Bed when using the liner.

Growing Beans - A Case Study

The Mini Rasied Bed is well suited to growing a number of crops. The following represents a good guide to growing beans - a popular & nutritious food. Here's our simple guide to growing success.

Choosing A Bean Variety

There are an enormous variety of beans. The most common general classifications are Runner, Broad & French beans. You can grow from seed or you can often buy young bean plants that can be planted out immediately. If you grow from seed, it is safest to germinate the seeds indoors in pots, prior to 'hardening off' the young plants outdoors, before planting in your Mini Raised Bed.

Positioning & Preparing The Mini Raised Bed

The ideal spot is a sunny but sheltered spot. A sheltered site increases the chances of successful pollination. To fill the Mini Raised Bed, we recommend that you combine soil with organic compost or well rotted manure to create fluffy loose soil. Beware of using 100% peat compost as this can dry out quickly & requires very regular watering.

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