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Hotbox Sulfume.


The Sulfume has been designed to protect your crops from fungal diseases such as Black Spot, Botrytis and Mildew, as well as inhibiting the spread of greenhouse pests.

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The unique features of the Sulfume result in a highly efficient unit:

Unique Temperature Control – it cannot overheat the sulphur to create damaging oxides, rather it only releases pure sulphur.

Regulated Element – for maximum safety this makes combustion impossible and eliminates the risk of fire. The heat plate within the Sulfume is automatically regulated to a fixed temperature, perfect for sulphur when using the aluminium cup. The temperature is constantly maintained through self regulation.

Energy Efficient – when working it uses just 50 watts to maintain the temperature required to work.

Flexible Voltage – the Sulfume can work on any supply from 110V to 250V without any loss in performance.

Manufactured From High Quality Materials – to ensure durability the specially designed cups for holding the sulphur are made from aluminium, as is the self regulating heating plate. The body of the Sulfume is stainless steel and has been built to last.

The design of the Sulfume makes it simple you to set up and use in your greenhouse or polytunnel:

For Efficient Operation – hang the Hotbox Sulfume at least one metre below the ridge of the greenhouse, then plug in to your electricity supply.

Add Sulphur – inside the aluminium cup is a marker – simply add sulphur up to this indicated level and this will be the correct amount to make the system work correctly – so no messy weighing or measuring required!

Everything In Place – before switching on the Sulfume ensure that the unit is hanging straight and that the cup sits firmly on the heating element.


To Buy The Sulfume CLICK HERE

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