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Free Expert Advice On Assembling A Rion Greenhouse

Rion Greenhouses have been one of our best selling greenhouses for many years

expert advice from john boultbee 

Rion greenhouses are engineered very carefully to make them easy to assemble and compared to many other makes , Rion frames are much easier to put together. The frame is erected using a 'push, fit and lock' system, with the parts simply sliding together and then locked in place using simple 'locking pins' to secure, virutally no tools are required - for the greenhouse you'll just need a spirit level and scissors or sharp knife - for the base you'll need a drill plus fixings (such as 10mm x 75mm expansion bolts).


rion greenhouse components   Getting Started

When you receive your greenhouse you need to open and empty every box. Then seperate the components into seperate piles. This makes it easier when following the instructions to assemble the greenhouse and also makes it simple to check that you're received all the parts for the greenhouse before you start building.

A Secure Foundation
Once you've decided where your greenhouse is going to stand within your garden you need to ensure that the space is level, without any undulations.

 Constructing The Base

Your greenhouse will need to be fitted to some type of base - whether this is your own base made from treated timber or Rions specially made base.
rion greenhouse base 

Step By Step Instructions
Follow the instructions for the greenhosue step by step, only gathering the profiles needed for the particular part of the greenhouse you're assembling.

To view instructions for the 6'6" Wide Rion Eco CLICK HERE

To view instructions for the 8'6" Wide Rion Professional CLICK HERE


 rion greenhouse roof  Constructing The Roof

Assemble the roof of the greenhouse on a flat, level surface. This helps when fitting the glazing panels.
Never be tempted to cut any of the panels to fit - this isn't required and you may have assembled something incorrectly.

Connecting Roof To Sides
When matching the roof assembly to the side uprights ensure all the joints are fully inserted and the pins fitted. Do Not drill new holes in the frame as the glazing then won't fit.


 Fitting Glazing Bead

Before fitting the glazing bead let it soak in tepid, soapy water for a few minutes. This softens the beading, making it easier to fit. 


constructing rion greenhouse 

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