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Elite Greenhouse Bases And Foundations 
flags to stand a greenhouse onto  anchoring an Elite greenhouse to flags  greenhouse anchored to hard standing 

The most popular method of foundation for a greenhouse is to lay a level flagged area. Please remember to lay your slabs to a larger area than the greenhouse – the reason for this is two-fold : 

(1) If the base is a minimum of 4 inches bigger on all sides than the greenhouse when anchoring it in place the fixings will not be too close the edge of the slabs which could cause the slab to break. 

(2) Make the area approximate 12 inch bigger on all sides than the greenhouse and this will provide you with access around the greenhouse for easy cleaning and maintenance. And if you want to use a water butt to collect rainwater make sure the base area is big enough to accept the stand for the water butt as well. 

When ordering your greenhouse please ask us for the precise dimensions (greenhouse dimensions are usually nominal so you will need exact dimensions when preparing the foundation). 

anchoring corner brackets in soft ground  soft soil support 

If your greenhouse is being constructed onto soil or grass, persistent stepping on the door cill will cause damage as it will naturally follow the contour of the ground. To prevent this a hard support, such as flags, must be fitted under the cill of the greenhouse and Elite recommend using their soft soil support (which is supplied with greenhouses which have integral bases) which allows the door(s) to run in the track. 

low threshold door  integral base  door dropped into base 

For greenhouses up to 8’5” wide Elite supply the base integral to the frame of the greenhouse which provides additional strength to the structure. These bases are aluminium therefore there is no worry of rust, rot or warping. Due to the base being an integral part of the frame this allows them to manufacture a low threshold door which also means the door(s) are taller, as the door(s) are ‘dropped’ into the base providing a ground level threshold allowing easy access for the user. 

For greenhouses 10’5” wide and over you will need to build either a brick base or purchase one of Elite’s aluminium bases. 

greenhouse cills overlapping brick base  cills of greenhouse overlapping base  dropped door into brick base 

When building a brick base a solid engineering brick should always be used, however, please note that the number of bricks used in the base height will result in a higher step-over into the greenhouse. It is important that the brick base is built to the exact dimensions of the greenhouse as the greenhouse cills will overlap the base – so always ask for exact dimensions before building a base. As an optional extra (which will incur a cost) you can have the door(s) dropped into the brick work to allow easy access for users, for wheelbarrows or wheelchairs. In this case you will need to let us know how high the brick base is going to be so the door can be dropped exactly to suit and Elite will then provide you a base plan to work to. 

Elite aluminium base  door dropped into aluminium base  Elite aluminium base 

Easier than building a brick base is to purchase one of Elite’s aluminium bases. With these factory made bases there is no worry about building the wrong size – simply select the base to suit the greenhouse. Being made from aluminium means it will not discolour or rust and can be powder coated to suit your greenhouse. Opting for an aluminium base not only eliminates the need for a traditional brick base but also allows you to sit the greenhouse directly onto soil or grass and can be adapted for any solid foundations, such as concrete slabs. 

Elite’s aluminium bases are 5” tall so when attached to the greenhouse there will be a ‘step’ to walk over to enter the greenhouse. If you would prefer a low door threshold you can ask for the door to be ‘dropped’ (at a cost) into the aluminium base.

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