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Cold Frames and Frame Types.

Choosing the right Cold Frame for you is easy just see the types below and select the one that suits

 When choosing your cold frame you will be faced with a selection of different types of frame – made from aluminium, timber or tubular steel. Listed below are some of the benefits associated with each type.

cold frame with aluminium frame    cold frame with tubular steel frame 
Aluminium Frame
Timber Frame
Tubular Steel Frame

Most aluminium framed cold frames are glazed to the ground – so top, sides, back and front all have glazing in them, allowing more sunlight to reach your plants. Aluminium frames are also lightweight – so if they are also glazed with polythene or plastic then these frames are ideal if you wish to move them to different positions within your garden throughout the year.

More traditional, timber framed cold frames can be found that only have glazing in the top or other models that will be glazed on all sides as well. If you select a timber cold frame which is only glazed on the top, the timber sides of the frame will retain more heat than aluminium frames, so benefiting your plants in the cooler months of the year. When selecting a timber framed model, look for the letters ‘FSC’ (Forest Stewardship Council) as this shows that the timber used is from a sustainable and responsibly managed source.

Easy to build, cold frames which have tubular steel frames are ideal as temporary growing spaces as they are simple to build and easy to dismantle. With the tubular steel having polyester painted finish it makes the frames extremely long lasting. Swaged joints make buildings the cold frame easy. Covers for these types of cold frames tend to be pre-shaped, to simply be pulled over the frame and anchored to the ground. For easy access and ventilation these types of covers usually have roll up panels – and for protection from pests many will have fly screen panels which can be left in place whilst the panels are rolled up to allow excellent ventilation. double-skinned plastic glazing will be better than glass – but glass will retain heat better than single sheet plastic glazing or polythene covers.

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