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Cold Frame Styles

Choosing the right style of cold frame to suit your situation can be the one thing that makes use a pleasure

There is a huge range of cold frames available to choose from, in a wide range of shapes and sizes.


cold frame with hinged top
cold frame with sliding top  cold frame with hinged and sliding tops 
Hinged Top
Sliding Lights
Hinged and Sliding Lights

When choosing the best frame for you look at the top / lid of the cold frame. Also called the ‘lights’ of the frame, you will usually find Hinged Lid Cold Frame models or Sliding Light Cold Frame models. These lights are often the only means of ventilation on a cold frame and also the way in to the cold frame for watering plants etc. The benefit of purchasing a cold frame with hinged lights is that you can provide your plants with ventilation, whilst still protecting them from rain, as hinged lights can often be secured open yet they still cover your plants. Unlike sliding lights – when these are open if it rains your plants will be rained on. However, hinged lights are more vulnerable to damage in high winds, unlike sliding lights which remain flat against the top of the cold frame so can’t be caught by the wind and damaged.

You can also find cold frames that have hinged lights on both sides of the frame – these are usually found on larger frames to make it possible for you to reach into all corners of the frame for plant care.

Although most cold frames are designed to be low to the ground, to make it easier for you to work at, it is now possible to get cold frames which can be placed on specially designed benches to lift them up to a comfortable working height. You’ll also find some models of tall cold frames – often with shelves included so you can have 2, 3 4 or more levels of plants – these tall frames make best use of space available as they are doubling and tripling the growing space compared to the ground space. are glazed to the ground – so top, sides, back and front all have glazing in them, allowing more sunlight to reach your plants. Aluminium Cold frames are also lightweight – so if they are also glazed with polythene or plastic then these frames are ideal if you wish to move them to different positions within your garden throughout the year.


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