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Access Mini Lean-To Fixing Tips

Top tips on securing your Access Mini Lean To Greenhouse

The Access Mini Lean-To greenhouses will need to be fixed to either a suitable wall or fence.

 attaching to a fence  

Attaching To A Fence

When fixing a lean-to to a fence, first screw the lean-to onto an exterior ply backboard.
Then fix the backboard to the fence in a number of places to keep it firmly secured.



Fitting To A Wall

If the wall is uneven a simple timber frame (made from 25mm x 50mm) on the two sides and top should be fitted to the wall – filing in any gaps with mastic sealant. The framework of the lean-to can then be screwed onto the timber frame.

If there is a drain pipe in the way of where you wish to site the lean-to, make a timber frame again, making it as thick as the drainpipe so that the lean-to frame will fit over the pipe.

 fitting to a wall
creating a false back   

Creating A False Back

If you’ve chosen one of the lean-to models but have neither a wall nor fence to fix it to then you can make a false back. Use exterior ply wood supported by two stout posts sunk into the ground. The frame of the lean-to can then be screwed to the false back.

Alternatively Access can make a glass back for any of their Lean-To greenhouses, simply ask us for a quote.



What’s Underneath?

When siting your lean-to the easiest thing to do is stand it on either concrete or paving slabs. If the ground is not even you will need to use a 3” x ½” timber baton along the length of the inside face of the frame. Using the same size wood make infill pieces on the inside of each side.

However, if you want to grow in the soil place slabs under the front rail to create a secure foundation.

creating a secure foundation 

Top Tip.
Always treat timber with a wood preservative before fixing in place.


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