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Two Wests Library

Pages of useful extra information about many of the products and services available online from Two Wests and Elliott Ltd.

Gardening Which? Findings
Access Mini Lean To Greenhouses
Access Mini Lean To Fixing Tips
Whats Good About a Lean To greenhouse
What Is A Cold Frame
Frame Types For Cold Frames
Glazing Types For Cold Frames
Cold Frame Styles
 Cold Frame Gardening
 Learn More About Cold Frames
 Choosing A Greenhouse
  Elite Base And Foundation Recommendations
Siting Your Greenhouse
Expert Advice On Assembling A Rion Greenhouse How To Keep Your Greenhouse Cool
How To Insulate Your Greenhouse With Heatsheets
How Automatic Vent Openers Work  
The A to Z of Water Saving Tips
Buying The Best Hosepipe
The Tropf Blumat Drip Watering System
The Tropf Blumat Ceramic Probe
Water Butt Drip System
Oasis Drip Irrigation System
Iriso Watering System
Water Slices
SwellGel Water Storing Crystals
SwellGel in Hanging Baskets
SwellGel in Tubs and Containers
SwellGel in Windowboxes
SwellGel and Bedding Plants
SwellGel and Shrubs
SwellGel  and House Plants
SwellGel in Growbags
SwellGel and Runner Beans
SwellGel and Vegetable Plots
SwellGel and Hedge and Tree Planting
SwellGel and Turf Laying
Algon Organic Cleaner
Hotbox Sulphume
The Deadfast Greenhouse Sulphur Candle
Compost Bins and Composting
Jiffy Pellets and Pots
Root Riot
The Compact Plug Plant Trainer
Rootrainers and Why They Work So Well
 Mini Raised Beds
 Soil Warming Cables
The A To Z Of Greenhouse Heating   


Horticultural Glass

The Winter Solstice 
The A to Z of Fertilisers 
The A to Z of Composting

The A to Z of Propagators 


The History Of Hydroponics


The A to Z of
Lawn Care 



Magazine Editorials
Don't take it from us, read what the magazines had to say.........................

Voted Tops at Gardening Which?
Catalogue launch - January 2010
The Grow Light Garden   The Fab4 Propagator  The Vertical Garden Tropf Blumat Watering System
Nixol Shading 
Two Wests Self Watering Trays



Plant Information
Interesting, unusual and amazing plant information.

Giant Hogweed





Gardening Year Planner
Advice on gardening indoors and outdoors.

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