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The Tropf Blumat Watering System from Two Wests & Elliott offers controlled, automatic, versatile drip watering for plants in gardens, containers or growbags by a cleverly designed, ‘intelligent’ means which uses water efficiently and effectively, delivering only enough moisture to meet plants’ demands and not wasting an increasingly precious resource. At the heart of the system is a ceramic probe, which is filled with water and plunged into the growing medium.

As the soil or compost dries out, it tries to pull water through the porous wall of the probe, thereby creating a partial vacuum. This pulls down a diaphragm at the top of the probe, allowing water to flow through the thin rubber drip tubing. Each outlet will water an area up to 10in in diameter but by adding inline and endline drippers this area can be increased. As the soil becomes moist the vacuum reduces and the diaphragm closes, shutting off the water supply. The key to Tropf Blumat’s success is its unique ability to continuously monitor the individual moisture-level around each probe.

Water can be supplied either from the mains, using a pressure reducer, or from a static supply such as an overhead tank or water butt with a minimum 3ft head of water. And as there are no electrical connections, electronics or control devices, the Tropf Blumat system is very versatile. When running from mains water up to 250 probes in each direction can be operated and even plants up to 12ft above the water supply can be watered successfully. All the components are available individually making it easy to alter or extend existing layouts or to design a bespoke system to suit your individual requirements.

For further information on the Tropf Blumat Watering System visit our Tropf Blumat webpage.

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Date: May 2010

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