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Gardeners and house plant enthusiasts concerned at leaving plants to fend for themselves while they go on holiday have the answer to their problem with the range of self-watering trays designed by Two Wests & Elliott. The leading mail order garden supply company offers a range of six different models to satisfy most needs.

Quick and easy to assemble and install in the home, conservatory or greenhouse, the trays hold enough water to keep plants refreshed for up to a fortnight without the need to refill. The water-tight base tray acts as a reservoir, onto which is placed a raised insert. This is made of durable, strong aluminium which provides the requisite flat surface for efficient capillary watering – with no puddles.

The insert is covered with capillary matting which remains moist as it draws up water from the reservoir via a wick. Through the base of their pots or trays the plants are able to draw up water from the matting as necessary, ensuring they remain constantly and correctly watered.

Sizes start at 16in x 12¼in x 1¾in tray with a 2¼ litre capacity, rising to 47¼in x 21¾in x 2in tray with a 30 litre capacity.

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Date: 22 July 2010

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