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Painting a ‘whitewash’ shade on the greenhouse seems to put a jinx on summer sunshine for many gardeners, leaving the plants inside at a disadvantage in overcast or rainy weather. But there is an alternative – Nixol weather sensitive shading from Two Wests and Elliott, the UK’s leading mail order garden supplies company.

Nixol is a fast-drying, paint-on material which reacts to prevailing weather conditions. In dry weather it turns white, reflecting the sun’s rays and protecting the plants inside the greenhouse from excessive heat and glare while allowing them to grow steadily and without sudden stresses. In damp or wet conditions the protective film becomes clearer, allowing for improved light transmission and making the most of what is available to the plants.

A single application of Nixol remains effective for up to seven months and although it is not washed off by rain it can easily be removed when required by rubbing with a damp cloth or brush. Supplied in concentrated form, Nixol is diluted at around one part to two parts water, but this can be varied to give the desired level of shading. It is easy to apply to the outside of the greenhouse either by brush or spray – and the good news is Nixol spreads evenly and does not clog sprayers.

A 1Kg tub of Nixol will shade an area of around 300 square feet, which is enough to cover a greenhouse measuring eight feet by ten feet. Nixol Standard, is suitable for use on glass, polythene and other polyethylene-based plastics, while Nixol Special, must be used on polycarbonate glazing.

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Date: June 2010

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